05 Disadvantages of using video games:In depth 2021

video games

In addition to the advantages , we also find possible disadvantages and negative effects on people who use it:

1- They can create addiction

It is common to hear that there are people who are addicted to video games, however and despite the studies that have been done on it, to this day you cannot prove that playing with video games can create addiction.

Salguero (2009) talks about some people at a given moment acquiring a pathological fixation for an object or activity. Still, we have to analyze the person and ask why he got to this point.Also, we have to point out that there are activities that are tremendously fun and absorbing, so you can spend more time than usual.

2- Increases player aggression and is violent

Some games are very aggressive and violent. Sometimes this content is not just limited to physical aggression, but also enters into ideologies. There is a wide range of research on the subject that has not come to a clear conclusion as to whether video games create or increase aggression in their players.

Some argue that its effect is short-lived (Barlett, Ramo, Rodeheffer & Harris, 2009), while others argue that it has a long-term effect on players (Anderson et al, 2008).

3- Has negative effects on socialization

Children playing games that are violent can lead to negative effects on their socialization with other peers, leading to not developing a sense of belonging or social justice (Reyes-Hernandez, 2006 Reyes-Hernandez, 2014).

We also know that in video games you can’t talk, which increases the use of violence as a solution.

4- Present a disproportionate image of the woman’s body

In many games, sex and sensuality are an important part of the plot or story. It is usually presented to the woman as a sexual object and with disproportionate bodies to the real ones.This image can make the players assimilate in a woman’s body must be present and no other (Abanes de 2008 Reyes-Hernandez, 2014).

5- May affect players’ lives

If you don’t have control over its use, it can negatively affect our lives; thus affecting our school performance, the family and our daily life in general.

Recommendations for Parents and Educators

Once we have presented the advantages and disadvantages of using video games, we need to develop a recommendations section for parents and educators on the use and purchase of appropriate video games.

  • We need to pay attention when buying a video game our child for the age at which the game aims, in addition to the plot and story it presents, with the idea of ​​avoiding violence and choosing the ones that are destine to learn.
  • As a general rule, we have to implement a usage schedule that doesn’t exceed the daily hour. For this, we will have to expose other alternatives for the console, such as sports, the park, etc. In case you play the computer, we will also follow these recommendations.
  • Whenever possible it is important that we play with them, and know the different games there and they like .
  • If adults also play at home, it is important for the child to play games that they can also enjoy, that is, for the whole family.

some numbers

Video games are the favorite toy of children and adults in today’s society. In 2009, its annual sales grew to 1.9 trillion dollars.

Worldwide in the entertainment industry, with an approximate value of $690 billion, Americans ranked first on the lists of video game users. Followed by the Asia-Pacific region, with 432 billion and Europe 14,300 million (García, 2012).

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Of the leisure audiovisual consumption, the use of video games accounts for 35% of the total, ahead of cinema, video films and recorded music box office.If we talk about Spain, locating in 2009, about 10.5 million Spaniards used video games. Of this amount, 62.5% were men and 37.5% were women. There are more and more players between the ages of 20 and 34 and the presence of this toy has increased in homes.

In the case of computer gamers, its regular users are young people who enjoy popular multiplayer games of sports, strategy, adventures and careers. While on the console profile are children up to 13 years old to opt for one or the other game, depending on their speed and presenting the protagonist (Godoy, 2009).


In this article we present the most known and common advantages and disadvantages of using video games. Currently, there are many people who use devices that can be play and still few people are aware of the disadvantages and negative effects it can have for the people who use it.