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10 benefits of video games in 2021:Breif Analysis with examples

10 benefits of video games in 2021:Breif Analysis with examples 

Video games are seen by some as a waste of time, but on the other hand, there are many scientists or psychologists who say that they can, in fact, have many advantages. Here are 10 of the benefits of video games:

1. Creating new social connections

Most of the time, players are stigmatized as being too isolated. In fact, the growth of online gaming experiences has given way to a new form of socialization in which players work together to solve problems.

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2. Improving the decision-making process

For some, the ability to react quickly when it comes to making a decision can be enhanced through video games. Because new information is constantly displayed during the game, players are forced to adapt quickly.

3. Stress reduction

Although there are some games designed to induce stress, most have a beneficial effect on reducing it. 

4. Slowing down the aging process

It has been shown that memory games and those involving problem solving have positive effects for older players. According to one study, only 10 hours of play increased cognitive functioning in participants 50 years of age and older, an improvement that lasted several years.

5. Training attention

A study by scientists at China’s University of Electronic Science and Technology found that participants who spent 1 hour playing the Video Game of Legends experienced changes in brain activity. Participants also demonstrated an improved ability to focus on relevant information while detecting distractions.

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6. Multitasking

Strategy games, in particular, involve the simultaneous tracking of many changing variables and the management of several objectives. For example, while developing a city, an unexpected surprise may appear as an enemy. This forces the player to be flexible and to change tactics quickly. In this way, he has to adapt, focus and work multitasking.

7. Practicing perseverance

At higher levels of a game, the player may fail, especially the first time. Thus, they continue to try until they succeed and move to the next level, they train their perseverance.

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8. Improving concentration

Another benefit of video games is concentration. One study found that people with attention deficit disorder who played Dance Dance Revolution improved their reading scores, helping them to focus.

9. Coordination

Hand-eye coordination, but also fine motor and spatial skills are trained during the game. Whether it’s PC games , or those on Xbox, PS4 or Nintendo, the character can run and have to aim at enemies at the same time. All these factors must be taken into account, and then the player must coordinate the interpretation and reaction of the brain with the movement of the hands.

10. Taking risks

The ability to win in any html 5 games also involves a player’s courage to take risks. Most games do not reward those who play safely.

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