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10 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses In 2021

10 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses In 2021 

Artificial Intelligence or AI is being used in almost every app and website to achieve or improve various functions. By 2030, the AI market may contribute more than $15 trillion to the global economy. This makes an Artificial Intelligence course a fundamental necessity in your CV.

Because there is a significant skill shortage in AI, getting certified can ensure a promising future-proof career in several domains, including technology, finance, healthcare, and more. 

To assist you in selecting the best Artificial Intelligence course online, we have compiled a list of the best certifications, training programmes, and tutorials available online. You can use it to attain a solid foundation in the field of AI.

1. Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Certification Course By Koenig Solutions 

This Artificial Intelligence course allows you to demonstrate how to enforce Azure on standard ML and AI workloads and understand their basic fundamentals. You will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of AI and the Microsoft Azure services used to build AI solutions.

Throughout this programme, you will engage in interactive exercises that will enable you to practise and apply what you are learning. You will use the Microsoft Learn Sandbox and interact directly with Microsoft Azure Portal services and resources. You will learn about Microsoft Azure and get hands-on experience with real-world Microsoft Azure resources and services. 

2. Stanford University’s Machine Learning (Coursera)

This AI course is designed by the renowned prodigy Andrew Ng. The fundamental concepts of Machine Learning, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition are included in this course. It equips you with a solid foundation in the mathematical, statistical, and computer science fundamentals that serve as the foundation for automated learning machines.

3. MicroMasters® Program By EdX

Columbia University offers this Artificial Intelligence Certification programme through the edX platform in computer science. The programme comprises four courses that serve as a foundation of expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and two critical applications – robotics and computer animation.

4. IBM Applied AI Course With Certification On Coursera

This Professional Certificate programme in AI by IBM for those who wish to learn the skills required to work as AI developers. It provides a solid understanding and introduces students to concepts and tools such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Natural Language Processing, IBM Watson AI services, OpenCV, and APIs. 

5. Artificial Intelligence 2018 By Udemy

This course covers Augmented Random Search (ARS), which multinational corporations use to build advanced AI models. It includes AI programming topics, Creating powerful AI algorithms and providing knowledge of ARS theory and its application.

6. Udemy’s Beginner’s Guide To AI 

This course guides you on using C# to create and pilot non-player characters in Google Play and App Store games. This course entails programming NPCs, integrating them into pre-existing software, and learning how to navigate NPCs and programme decision-making abilities. It focuses on mathematical vectors, Using vectors to move characters in different directions and navigate destination locations.

7. Udemy AI Masterclass 

The course postulates that AI is best used in the world of games. It employs a simulated AI environment and OpenAI Gym to teach students how to create AI that outperforms humans in games such as Doom and Breakout.

8. Udemy’s AI For Managers Introductory Course

This course renders an accurate comprehension of the technical aspects of AI through the use of in-depth Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms topics, including techniques for identifying opportunities and utilising AI to advance your business project.

9. Learn With Google AI 

This is a free Google-led initiative designed to teach AI skills and broaden public understanding of AI. It is a collection of courses, guides, and tutorials designed by Google engineers and experts to provide foundational skills and knowledge in AI and related topics. 

10. Udemy’s Reinforcement Learning In Python

This course is designed for stock traders and those who want to simplify their financial investments. These courses emphasise understanding reinforcement learning, Bandit programming design, understanding the relationship between psychology and Reinforcement Learning.


Artificial Intelligence has revolutionised the way we perceive the application of tech as a solution to common and complex problems. Robots and automated vehicles equipped with AI are already being tested for deployment. Now is the correct time to master this incredible skill and plunge headfirst into the revolution.

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