10 Important Tips to Have a Fine Quality Ceramic Coating

ceramic coating
ceramic coating

If you are thinking about having a ceramic coating for your car and don’t know when to do it. This article will help you to understand the important points you should keep in mind. Ceramic paint has several benefits and it’s easy to have. But you cannot paint every surface with it. It’s better to hire a professional to have a fine and quality coating. Ceramic coating contractors offer their customized services. 

Analysis of your paint condition:

If you are going to invest in any paint you should first analyze the condition of your paint. The ceramic coating acts as a thin layer of a magnifying glass that protects the coating and paint. People think that it does fix or improve the paint condition, this is not true. It just exemplifies the paint by adding a shiny layer. If your car paint is damaged due to sun rays, scratches, or due to weather conditions it fades away then you should consider some paint protection options rather than ceramic coatings. 

Research on available options:

Suppose the paint of your car is damaged then some aesthetic materials can help you. If the damage is small and the coating is not affected. You can consult with professionals to seek guidance. Paint correction needs some expertise, anyone cannot do it effectively. Before having any service either it is paint correction or having a new coating you should research all available options first. If you want to do it by yourself you can follow the steps below.

  • Wash out the surface and clear the dust particles.
  • After that, level the surface by using wet sand.
  • Then wax the surface and polish it.
  • Use some materials to seal the paint surface. 

Paint protection materials:

If the paint is still in good condition, it just fades away or has lost the shine. Then you can pick any protection material that will help you to regain the shine and gloss of your paint. For example, car wax is a traditional synthetic material that is manually applied and lasts for 3 weeks to 3 months after that you have to reapply it to keep the gloss of your paint. Another advanced method is having a ceramic coating. This coating lasts for 2 to 5 years.

Research and pick the right type of ceramic coating:

The ceramic coatings are amazing materials to have protection for a longer period. Before having any of them you should review the types of coatings. For example, a certified professional will do coating with great care. The main component in coatings is ‘silica dioxide’ that anchors the paint and keeps the layer for years. The coating is a bit expensive as it ranges from 500$ to 4000$ almost. Every coating contractor also offers a warranty so it’s better to have their services instead of hiring a local person.

In the market, two products are available: one is DIY ceramic coating with 87% or more silica dioxide and the other one is pro ceramic coating with less than 80% silica dioxide. Both products have their unique features like if you are living in areas with a high temperature you can opt for pro ceramic coating. If you are looking for a durable coating then the DIY ceramic coating is going to help you.

Cost analysis: 

Before having any material to protect your paint surface you should analyze the cost. Research available options and compare their attributes and choose the reliable one for yourself. Always go for quality over quantity. As money-saving options can be the reason for temporary comfort only. 

Prep work before coating:

If you are driving your car to a professional then you need no prep work before coating. But if you are doing it by yourself you should have to follow these steps.

  • Wash your car surface thoroughly by using the two-bucket method.
  • After washing you can use the clay bar to the surface to make it more clear and ready to take the next step.
  • Use the correction material on your surface.
  • You can also go for a pro method for prep of coating. Use an alcohol-based solution and a fiber towel. 

Practice patience:

The whole process of coating will take 4-8 hours depending on other factors. So you should be prepared for that. 

Factors in Quality coating:

There are three main factors on which people prefer coating over other protective materials like waxing, paint, etc. The one attribute is protection, coating offers durability depending on your chosen product according to your environment. The other ones are hardness and ease of application. 

Ceramic coating companies: 

If you are looking for a ceramic coating company you should research some good available options. compare their features and choose the best one for your car coating.

Ask for help:

If you need someone’s help don’t be afraid and ask openly to your friends and family.