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10 Reasons You should immediately visit South Africa

10 Reasons You should immediately visit South Africa 

Think of a trip to the near future to South Africa? If not, you might be. South Africa has been on our family bucket list for many years and is near our top destination list when our children are only a little older. Whether you dream of a South African holiday or have already booked your trip, here are ten reasons for your immediate visit to South Africa. Whether in South Africa for the first time or your 10th time, all these destinations are worth visiting!

Town of Cape

Situated in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meeting place, Cape Town has all you can have to do to make your holiday a real one. You’ll find lovely beaches, a beautiful port, beautiful gardens, beautiful sights from the nearby Table Mountain in this South African capital. Cape Town is also a lively and lively town with many restaurants, shopping, and nightlife.

Penguins of Africa

Boulders Beach is known not only for its lovely bouldering stretched beach but also for the unique opportunity to watch thousands of African penguins at risk. Only 24 remains of the colony at Boulders Beach, with the penguins around people comfortable and you can usually get some amazing photos within a couple of meters.


The five big ones in South Africa are Africa’s, the black and white rhinos, the African Elephant, the African Lion, the cap-buffalo. However, there are many different safari sites around the country that offer you the opportunity to enjoy the exotic animals on the plains, on savannas, or in South Africa’s grasslands.

Train trips of luxury

South Africa’s diverse landscape is no better way than by train to experience and enjoy. The luxury trains are like the five-star wheel hotels which enable passengers to marvel at the beauty of South Africa’s various terrains, yet taste the exquisite cuisine and every comfort of their homes.


Walking and trekking fans are in Ukhahlamba Drakensberg, one of the highest mountain regions in the country and one of the largest nature parks in the world for a unique experience. The Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, ranging from the amazing Tugela Falls to the more than 30.000 paintings found in over 600 cellars with art from thousands of years ago.

Cango Cave Cango

Cango Caves is believed to be at least 20 million years old as the largest system of caves in the continent and a landmark of South Africa. There are great calcareous formation in the succession of large chambers and one group can explore them. When you’re alone you can go on a historical tour or on an adventure tour you can deeper into the cave system.

Stay at a Tree House

The treehouses in South Africa are a very special form of accommodations: luxury hotel rooms built in the most picturesque open-air locations on tops of a tree. Some spread from the savanna to the African bushlands throughout the country. One thing they all have together is that you see a side in South Africa that’s usually just reserved for birds when you look around from your tree-top terrace.

Trails on mountain biking

Regardless of your fitness, you’ll find amazing mountain biking trails in South Africa if you are an enthusiast of mountain biking. In and around Cape Town you will begin with numerous trails, and each will give you the best views of the town.

Whale Observation

South Africa has great marine life along the coasts, surrounded on 3 sides by the sea. Hermanus, known as South Right-Whale, is probably your best bet to see the soft giants and even hopes for a whale’s festival every September to mark the whaled season. The tours from late June to early December take place on the high cliffs in town.

World Class Vineyards and Bodegas

Long known as one of the finest wine-growing regions of the world, South Africa is a major wine tourist center. The hilly area at Table Mountain houses some of the best vineyards in the country and offers excellent wines during your stay in the luxurious inns and hotels.

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