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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Before Buying a McLaren

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Before Buying a McLaren 

A car is a magnificent and revolutionary mechanical creation. Since the invention of the wheel, cars have progressed into something much better every day and have always triggered a profound emotional response in humans.

The Correlation between Cars and Art

The reason cars have successfully made a place in everyone’s heart is that they are nothing less than a work of art and a thing about art is that every human adores some art. Another thing that art and cars have in common is that they are subjective of our taste.

The Idea behind Super Cars

Manufacturers have always kept the above idea in mind. They have made different cars for different tastes and needs, among other vehicles, which are highly admired in the supercars. Manufacturers know that vehicles give you a sense of freedom and a unique sense of thrill, as you can grab your keys and drive your car at thrilling speeds, and they have embraced that idea by developing supercars.

Supercars are extremely special in terms of speed and luxury; unlike normal cars, supercars can bring a sense of style with their breathtaking features and exquisite looks. Car brands such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and many others have been manufacturing supercars and have competed for a long time.

Let’s Talk About McLaren

Each brand provides a unique set of features; however, one brand that stands out from the rest and that we will talk about today is McLaren. McLaren has a rich history of its success on the racetracks, and they have successfully embraced that by developing some world-class supercars.

McLaren has progressed so much over the years that everyone knows about it. However, there are some things about McLaren that even some extreme car enthusiasts don’t know about. If you, too, are thinking of buying a McLaren, then read this blog to learn ten things that you didn’t know about McLaren before.

1. Bruce McLaren the Racer

Most of us know about Bruce McLaren as the company’s founder; however, most people don’t know that Bruce McLaren was a professional world-class race car driver. He was so good at racing that he was one of the youngest people to win Formula One. He was a record holder at the age of 22 for winning UGSP for a year; however, the record was later broken by Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso.

Talking about Bruce and racing, we cannot just skip how this all started. Bruce’s father purchased a 1929 Austin Ulster, which he later transformed into a racecar, and Bruce went on to win his first race at the age of fifteen.

2. The Sad Demise of Bruce McLaren

Since we are talking about the founder, let’s also talk about the terrible way in which Bruce McLaren’s journey was ended. He was extremely successful and won everything that most people don’t even dream of at that age; however, one race that he didn’t win was his life.

At the very young age of 32, Bruce McLaren died in a horrible car crash when testing out his prototype. The incident took place in 1970 and occurred due to the failure of the back end in Bruce’s car.

3. Set the Development of Carbon Fiber Cars in Motion

Carbon fiber has been revolutionary for race cars as it provides a way for the vehicle to be much lighter and faster. Carbon fiber is now being used in every car to improve its performance and make it strong and durable.

McLaren technically started this revolution as they first introduced a car entirely made with carbon fiber. Before submitting McLaren’s MP4/1, vehicles that were usually made consisted of only some parts of carbon fiber. With the development of MP4/1, McLaren brought something with the chassis and body as the same piece.

4. Gold in F1’s Engine Bay

Since F1 engines produce massive amounts of heat and the carbon fiber body of a car can easily get damaged by heat, it was time that McLaren had to tackle this issue, and they did this in the fanciest yet brilliant way. The manufacturers started lining the engine bay with real gold foils as gold is the best heat reflector. Introducing such a creative alternative also helped McLaren market its engines greatly.

5. Their Own Catering Service

McLaren has some of the most highly qualified employees working at the McLaren Technology Center, and to keep them motivated, the company has to keep them happy. McLaren has believed in this idea since it started, and an example of that is the catering service that they started back in the ’90s.
They did so well with this service that everyone started loving the food and all their traits, which led them to form an official catering service providing fresh food and brilliant hospitality.

6. Their Cartoons

Another thing that they own is their cartoon series; the name of their comedy cartoon is Tooned. Since McLaren is a race car company, they promote racers and vehicles, and it has featured some famous racers such as Alexander Armstrong and Fernando Alonso.

7. Sustainable Racing

McLaren is a company that strongly believes in sustainable racing, and they do everything in their power to cut down the waste and emissions in terms of manufacturing. McLaren goes on recycling and recycles about 60% of the trash every day; they even have a hybrid car with an electric motor with 903 horsepower.

8. High Maintenance Costs

If you are thinking of getting your hands on a McLaren as quickly as possible or found a good deal by finding a McLaren for sale, you must know that the vehicle maintenance is extremely expensive. The annual cost is around $5000, and the maintenance of tires costs a separate $2000.

9. McLaren Took Inspiration from Toyota

Yes, you heard it right, ignoring numerous supercars that brands McLaren could have used for inspiration, they decided to go with Toyota. The F1’s dihedral doors were designed to match the ones that are on a Toyota Sera. These doors were a huge success as they gave the driver easier access to the central seat

10. Making the Car Lighter

The cars manufactured by McLaren are all about speed, and the engineers go to extreme heights to make the cars faster every day. The leather on the interior of a McLaren is an example of the measures taken to make the car lighter and quicker. The leather is shaved to half of its usual thickness, making the vehicles 5kg lighter.

Final Note

McLaren is widely famous not only because of the quality of their cars but also because of their exciting curves and shapes. Even the cheaper models of McLaren are designed with such perfection that they make everyone look twice.

In the end, it is advised that despite having such monstrous powers in your car, you should drive safe so that you don’t end up like Bruce McLaren.

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