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Many tourist sites are worth a visit to Goa. In this small Indian state, you will find almost everything from Goa beaches, National parks, hills, churches, forts, markets, and backwaters. It may not be easy to see them all on a single visit if you do not have a list to guide you. Here is a list of Goa must-see places that should be part of your tour plan.

Many of Goa’s tourist sights include renowned monuments, UNESCO sites, magnificent churches, local attractions, and ancient Portuguese buildings. There are also top beaches and water sports and plenty of natural attractions.

MUSEUM Naval Adventure

In Vasco Da Gama, behind the International Airport, the Naval Museum is located in Dabolim. It is the only museum in India and unique in Asia for naval aviation.

Indoor and Outdoor areas feature bombs, rockets, aircraft, parachutes, protective gear, weapons, pilot outfits, and more.


Casino games in Goa are big. In Goa, both land and offshore casinos are found on boats. You can find them. There are many casinos on the Mandovi River just off Panjim. Casino Royale, Casino Paradise, Deltin Jack, Casino Carnival, Casino Pearl, and Casino Paradise are famous in Goa.

Apart from the usual games – Indian Flush, Poker, Black Jack, and Baccarat – there are live music and entertainment shows.


It’s the Arabian Sea off the coast of Vasco da Gama, Grande Island, or Ilha Grande. There are continental ferry services. You can dive, dive on reefs, snorkel, swim, fish, and watch the dolphins. A lot of water sports are to be enjoyed. For beginners and advanced divers and snorkelers, it’s a great place.

The wrecks of boats include the Suzy Wreck and Locker of the Davy Jones, the Turbo Tunnel, the Bounty Rock, and Serge City can be explored. Professional trainers are provided. Banana and bumper boat rides are also available. Just bring your essentials for swimming and the beach. You can also take a day-long fishing trip from 8 am to 4 pm and end up with a barbecue.


Karting is fun. Karting is fun. In India, the sport is increasingly popular. In Goa, in Nuvem South Goa, there are two tracks, while in north Goa are Arpora. The most extensive route in India is Nuvem. The 482 meters, behind the Tata Motors Exhibition Center, is on a hill. There are many turns, some more difficult than others, which are immensely enjoyed by the skilled drivers. The racing data is displayed on a large bulletin board.

Tuesday to Sunday, at 4 pm. The track in Nuvem is open. At 22 p.m. Arpora ‘s North Goa track is shorter and fewer turns.


Arambol is an excellent paragliding spot in North Goa. Take a stunning view from the top of the rocky headland. The top of the point must trek. Your pilot will then provide you with concise guidance and explain the safety precautions. Fly up over Arambol and see the top, the sea, and the interior of the coastline. This will be an unforgettable event.


North Goa’s Hilltop Nightclub is located on a hill between Ozran Beach and Anjuna. This is one for trance music and rave parties in Goa’s best place. There is a large area where people can dance and drink. The external lights are beautiful. A swimming pool is also available. In the peak season, there will be thousands of rave parties at the weekend. The DJs come from Germany, Italy, France, France, England, Sweden, Germany, Israel, and India.


The hippies were popular with Arambol in North Goa. They’re gone for a long time, but here you still find the hippy mind. You can hear their times’ songs and stories. The free spirit can be felt. Music gives the drum circles in Arambol a whiff of fresh air where locals and tourists meet to enjoy music, dancing, and drumming to remember the hippies’ days.


South Goa, 17.2 km from Agonda Beach, is the Cabo de Rama Fort. This ancient fort was held at various times by the Portuguese, Hindu, and Muslim monarchs. During the Portuguese days, there was a chapel and commanding quarters in the fort. A military barrack also existed here. A short time after the Portuguese left, it was converted into a prison. It’s now in ruins, but still, a popular place to visit. From the top, you will get excellent views of the sea and the surrounding countryside. The fort of Cabo de Rama is a beautiful sunset place.


On the north side of the Terekhol River is the fort of Terekhol or Tiracol. It is indeed in Maharashtra, the neighboring state, while the state lines pass by the center of the river. But the fort is visited by numerous tourists from North Goa. A ferry from Querim is available.

The Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle, a ruler Marathi, was built during the 17th century. The fort lies on a hill and overlooks the river and the sea. There were a barrack and 12 weapons, but the Portuguese still had the fort. They revamped Terekhol extensively in 1764 and kept it for strategic maritime defense until Goa became part of India in 1961.

#10 Watershoots AMBOSELI

Amboli is an “Eco-Hot-Spot” in the Western Ghats because many of its unusual flora and fauna exist. The waterfall of Amboli Ghat is 78.2 km from Panjim. It’s one of Western Ghat’s most beautiful waterfalls. After the monsoon months is the best time to visit the waterfall. Greenery and nebula are a lot. The road is a lovely drive through the hills. When you get close to the falls, you will hear a roar. The two-hour drive from Panjim is worthwhile.


Palolem is one of South Goa’s best beaches. It is a natural bay on both sides with high headlands. Palolem is near another lovely south beach – Agonda. Also close to Cola is the beautiful beach Butterfly. It’s more remote. Palolem is also a destination for a hot party. Every Saturday, from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am, silent noise parties take place on the southernmost part of the beach, Neptune Point.

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