2021 Is Jampacked With All These SEO Trends


SEO consultant: Search engine optimization is not a novel term anymore. People all over the globe have gained an understanding of the concept and have accepted it as a golden medium to take businesses to new heights. Not only SEO experts and executives talk about SERPs and the methods to shine on them, even laymen these days understand the powers of SEO to attract potential customers to an online business presentation. 

Well, nothing in the tech world we live in stops evolving and so is the case with SEO too. The year 2021 has come up with some major SEO trends that are going to dictate the ways websites will perform on the web. Scared? Well, dump all your worries as Codeflies Technologies knows how to master all these trends and more to make your websites ace the ranking game. Being the most trusted SEO consultant in Noida, Codeflies Technologies aims to bring your websites rank well on SERPs. Read on to know the latest SEO trends of 2021.

Google’s BERT

Google never fails to take a step ahead of others. Google’s BERT algorithm makes use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) in order to understand searches and the intent behind them better. This aspect works for almost all queries in Google English and for more than 70 languages. Now the fun fact is that Google BERT’s update has made the Google search engine bots become more “conversational.” This means that now Google algorithm can dig in the searcher’s intent better. Yes, technology is making technology human like! Google can now understand human things well.

Now, what this update really means is that all the websites that have content-intent mismatches will bear the brunt. Google’s BERT has become smarter and will now understand the user’s intent better, by thinking like a human. This means that if a content piece doesn’t satisfy the searcher’s intent behind the query, Google will not prioritize the content over others whatsoever. Well, if you seek SEO assistance from the best SEO company in Noida, i.e. Codeflies Technologies, then you wouldn’t have to worry about all such complications.

To the great relief of many website creators, BERT aids in filtering out content that matches best with the searcher’s intent by understanding the content as humans, but it doesn’t penalize or de-rank sites that don’t match exactly with the intent of the searchers. It simply favours the more deserving content that satisfies the searcher’s query intent over others.

Keyword Research Is Becoming Essential As Never Before

Ever since SERPs have become smarter and more convenient for the users, the users are no more obliged to click on links, and thus enjoy their results in snippets, accordion answers, ads or even before typing the complete query. According to research, more than half of the searches are nothing but zero-click searches. This makes it even more important for websites to contain the right keywords in the right frequencies that match the searcher’s intent. In the present-day situation when SERPs have become smarter and there is a cut-throat competition for rankings all across the internet, it becomes vital to conduct good keyword research to move forward.

Authenticity Is The Key

Imagine you have 5 beautiful yellow cushions at home. You love all of them, but would you keep on buying the same design and color again and again? No, right? Well, this is exactly what happens with content. No matter how tasteful your content looks, if it is not original, then you are not going to ace it. Simply said, the uniqueness of your content has always mattered in the past and will matter even more in the near future to decide the fate of your website.

Voice Search

Voice search is being widely used by searchers to get their search results heard. More than 50% of the smartphone users all across the globe are engaging in voice search. A thing to note here is that most voice searches are highly specific and are long-tail. It won’t be wrong to say that voice optimization is booming rapidly, and thus it is expected to take a leap in 2021. Thus, considering voice search has become a necessity in the game of SEO.

While all these SEO trends are expected to arise in the months to come, it becomes a mandate to look for safe hands while seeking for SEO consultancy. Codeflies Technologies is the best SEO consultant in Noida that knows how to make your websites touch ranks.