4 Reasons that make Desert Safari Dubai the Best Vacation Destination


The emirate of Dubai welcomes a huge number of people every year. Some visit it to seek a professional opportunity, while for some, the reason is enjoying the upscale lifestyle it offers. However, the fact that a huge number of these people visit Dubai Desert Safari & for many tourism purposes cannot be denied either.

Simply put, Dubai is ranked among the top tourist destinations across the globe. And there’s not one but many reasons that back this fact. Let’s take a look at them:

An Adventurer’s Paradise

It won’t be wrong to term Dubai as an adventurer’s paradise because of the amazing things to do it has for adventurers. You can visit numerous theme parks it is home to and enjoy adrenaline rushing rides there. Moreover, there are several other recreational centres that offer an experience full of adventure and fun.

Among them, Desert Safari Dubai can certainly not be missed. A famous attraction in the city of Dubai, this unique expedition has earned a global fanbase. Guests, as part of this trip, are taken to a campsite that’s erected far away from the city. A host of activities, including sandboarding, quad biking, dune bashing, etc. are arranged for the guests. Some other activities included in the trip are camel ride, photography in Arab costume, three-course BBQ dinner, Tanoura shows, fire shows, etc.

Desert safari offers are available in the form of different deals and packages. Among deals, morning, evening and overnight desert safari are the most common ones. However, when it comes to packages, companies usually offer basic, self-drive, advanced and VIP. Do not miss out on having this fun experience while you’re visiting Dubai.

It’s Perfect for Families

The city has something for everyone. It is known as the perfect vacation destination, as from young kids to adults, everyone can enjoy the best time of their life here. Kids can enjoy playing with dolphins in Aquaventure Waterpark or enjoy an array of other fun activities available in different theme parks. Similarly, families can also enjoy the authentic taste of Arab delicacies in numerous eateries and fine dining restaurants located in every part of the city.

The shopping malls, too, have abundant things to do for families, apart from shopping, of course. Speaking of shopping, a trip to Dubai is certainly incomplete without visiting The Dubai Mall – the largest shopping mall in the world.

Unlimited Entertainment Options

The city, without any doubt, has unlimited entertainment options. Whether you’re fond of water-based activities or your interest lies in exploring historical places, Dubai has got you covered. You can head to numerous beaches the city has and enjoy some fun activities in the morning while visiting museums, art galleries and other such places during the afternoon.

Later in the day, you can go out and about to explore the nightlife of Dubai. There are many bars and discos that you can find easily in this emirate.

Home to Iconic Structures

The city houses numerous iconic structures that are not only famous in the Middle East but enjoy global recognition. For instance, there’s Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world, standing with all its might and grace. And then, there’s Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island featuring lavish housing units, apartment buildings, hotels, resorts and dining options.

Other than the aforementioned ones, there are numerous other buildings/places that are famous worldwide. A single visit to Dubai is surely not going to prove enough for you to explore the innumerable attraction it has for tourists. So, plan your entire visit beforehand. Make an itinerary and stick to it. You can find information of all the popular tourist spots in Dubai online. Furthermore, you can also book their tickets, including desert safari Dubai, online as well. Booking everything in advance will make the entire trip more comfortable and convenient for you as you wouldn’t have to deal with last-minute hassles related to making or cancelling bookings etc.

Having said that, it is important to know that the global pandemic has not ended yet. The risk of COVID-19 is still prevalent. Therefore, get tested before booking your trip. Furthermore, follow protocols as specified by the Dubai government. Wear masks at all times, use hand sanitisers frequently, and maintain social distance. Following these practices is mandatory for everyone.

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