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5 Best Colors for Jiu Jitsu Gi From Habrok Sports.
habrok jiu jitsu gi

5 Best Colors for Jiu Jitsu Gi From Habrok Sports. 

If you have found a martial art with Jiu Jitsu that you enjoy, then you have to learn more about the belt colors and find good equipment. But what ascent rules are there and what equipment do you need for training? If you want to learn Jiu Jitsu, you should know that there is a hierarchical structure: You distinguish between the teachers and the students. The graduation and skill are illustrated by the color of the belt of course. This is typical for many Japanese martial arts nowadays. In general, a distinction is made between student degrees (Kyu) and master’s degrees (Dan). Each degree has a different belt color. You start with the white belt and then take tests to get other belt grades and thus belt colors. So what colors are best suited for Jiu Jitsu Gi? The colors you choose depend upon your style, your love for the sport, and the mastery you want to unlock and unleash. Each color that you choose is gender-neutral, which also adds to their appeal.

Luminous White

White is a pure color that symbolizes purity and dedication. This color feels light and airy, giving the wearer a sense of lightweight and ready to attack. Also may not be the most durable color, but it doesn’t attract dust or dirt and gives high visibility. It looks chic and with an added element of pride. White can be used for beginners or veterans, but the color symbolizes honesty and integrity, to yourself and the sport.

Dazzling Orange

The tan/peach shades are a delightful addition. These colors symbolize excitement and passion and combined with colorful and eccentric interiors, they are a fabulous choice. Orange is a hot color that conjures up a sense of warrior! Fiery, bright, and raring to go, orange is highly visible, stands out in a crowd, and adds zest to the monochromatic tones. Orange is a bold color and promotes capability.

Subtle Black

Black is easy to wear and great for everyday training. It is sleek and wears well. Black means focused, prepared, and calculated. Black is a general color that most people will find comfortable. A sense of power dominates with black. It is foreboding and stylish and with an added pop of color, such as red piping or vivid graphics, it stylizes the piece further. Black is synonymous with strength and integrity which all combine in the sport of Jiu Jitsu.

Royal blue

Royal blue is a common and popular choice. Regal and monarchical, royal blue signifies a core strength. An ability to work hard and to be present. Royal blue GI can be complemented with brighter piping and graphics, it adds an added element to the look.

Ruby red

Red and crimson colors are delightful. Less common but denote power and passion. They are easy to wear, muted and spunky, a brilliant color to try for women. It is a physical color, it shows presence and the willingness to share your ways to assist others in their quest for strength.

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