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6 Benefits of Opting for a Baby Carrier

6 Benefits of Opting for a Baby Carrier 

Babywearing—the act of carrying your baby with the help of a particular carrier—has been around for centuries. The ancient ancestors used to wear their babies to travel with them more effectively. And families in many parts of the world still use specialised fabrics or traditional carriers daily. But, this old tradition has gained popularity in Australia in the past couple of years. So much, so that baby carriers in Australia are now available in weather-resistant variants like winter and summer baby carriers to better protect the child. Besides, Aussies love their beaches and beach picnics, and moving around with the baby in the carrier works wonderfully well for the mother and child. Thereby protecting the child from the harsh UV rays (Courtesy depleted ozone layer in Australia) and allowing the mother to unwind. Hence, babywearing provides the best of both worlds—a loving way to hold your baby and the convenience of hands-free parenting.

Benefits of a Baby Carrier for Both Baby and You

  1.  It’s Great for Travelling With Your Baby

As the name suggests, baby ‘carriers’ allow you to carry your baby along with you. That too with much more ease and comfort! It is a saviour when it comes to travelling with your little one. It is not reserved alone to jet off to an exotic location with your baby carefully strapped to you, but you could visit the mall, supermarket, or the nearby garden without having to worry about holding your baby a certain way. 

  •  People Won’t Touch Your Baby

While most people get enthusiastic at the sight of an innocent baby and shower their affection by touching, kissing, and caressing the little one, it can become slightly annoying for the parents and uncomfortable for the baby. So, you want to draw a thin line between not offending and yet protecting your tiny munchkin? Carriers will do it for you without you having to do anything. Not only do they create a safe cocoon for babies, but they ensure they remain unaffected by eagre folks and their germy hands. After all, it is easier to reach for a baby in a stroller than a carrier.

  • It Soothes the Baby

Carriers enable your baby to ‘be,’ and hence it is not surprising to know that babies whose parents wear more cry less. Providing them with a sweet comfort shell, babies in carriers are more receptive to their parents. They can see and hear what their parents are communicating, which in turn boosts their socio-cognitive development. It is also believed that babies in carriers are much calmer than when they are in the hands or in a stroller.

  • It Is Good for Their Overall Well-Being

Babywearing enables you to carry your baby in advantageous positions, which is great for your and their physical health and development. For example, it helps prevent flat head syndrome and promotes digestion (helping with colic and reflux). 

  • You Get to Keep Your Life (and Keep Up With it Too!)

Being a new parent means you need to work round the clock. That leaves you with hardly any time to do your things or even catch up with your folks. Even worse if you already have another child to look after and attend to. Imagine how horrible it must feel to miss out on your favourite things like taking a dip in the sea in Australia’s scorching summer! Having baby carriers in Australia and moving around and doing the things you love irrespective is something you don’t want to miss out on.

  • It is an Organic Way of Bonding With Your Baby

When you have your baby strapped on to you in the form of a carrier, you are much more likely to feel close to a part of what you’ve created- literally and emotionally. You tend to interact much more with your little munchkin and understand baby cues better.

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