6 Major Intensions Behind Carrying Out DDoS Attack

DDoS attack

Lately, it looks like the businesses that haven’t had their web and cybersecurity compromised are within the minority.

Many are hit hard by web vulnerability attacks. Specifically, we see a rise in DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. With DDoS, the attacker’s main goal is to form your website inaccessible using botnets. Botnets are basically a military of connected devices that are infected with malware.

So, if it’s to not breach your data, why would someone undergo the trouble to pack up your website? There is a mess of reasons, but today we’ll check out the highest 6 reasons for a Distributed Denial of Service attack.

1. Some (not-so) Friendly Competition

In fact, during a recent survey, nearly half the responding businesses said that they believed that their competitors were launching DDoS attacks so on disrupt services.

Even if an entrepreneur might not be skilled in hacking, DDoS attacks are now available for hire, and attacks are often executed for a reasonably low price on the dark market.

2. DDoS for Hacktivism

It is often wont to strongly voice an opinion – any opinion. Voicing your opinion on the online can have a much bigger and faster effect than if you were to attend an in-person rally or strike. DDoS is usually wont to show support or opposition regarding a particular topic. It might be political (see below), but also for/against businesses or banks, ethical concerns, or maybe a web game.

3. All About Politics

A subset of reason #2, DDoS attacks also can happen between countries or governments. The Web is the newest battlefield. DDoS attack victims can be government websites. While the sites could be attacked by apolitical hackers, many do believe that governments or political parties often attack one another using the DDoS method.

As most governments believe the online to speak and run their country, this has proven to be an efficient method to point out political opposition.

4. Seeking Their Revenge

An extremely common reason for DDoS attacks, this example could apply to businesses, individuals, also as governments. Not necessarily to offer an opinion, attacks are wont to seek revenge on your enemy. There’s no got to get your hands dirty in the least.

For example, there are increasing instances of previous employees hiring DDoS attacks on the dark market to hunt revenge on their former employers. We’ve previously written on internal data breaches by present or past employees, but this is often yet one more quiet when one person holds a grudge and it affects an entire company.

5. A Precursor for Something Bigger

According to Amazon, they mitigated the most important DDoS attack ever recorded early this year – with a peak traffic volume of 2.3 Tbps, the most important ever recorded, reported by ZDNet. Prior to February this year, the previous largest DDoS attack recorded was back in 2018 March, when NetScout Arbor mitigated a 1.7 Tbps attack.

A hacker could even be preparing for something new a bit like the above two cases, or they’ll be using the attack as a distraction for a much bigger attack, hoping that they won’t be found out. This is one case where the attack could also be used indirectly for a security breach.

6.Some Plain Ol’ fun?

And lastly, sometimes there’s really no rhyme or reason on why DoS or DDoS attacks happen.

There’s a misconception that there’s a selected reason behind all attacks. However, this is simply not the case. Many hackers get an adrenaline rush from hacking into a system or an internet site , regardless of how big or how small it’s going to be.

Therefore, there’s the responsibility because the individual user or because the CIO/CTO of a corporation to make sure that security measures are being taken. One must steel oneself against an attack because nobody is ever exempt from the probabilities of an attack.