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6 Overlooked Office Places Industrial Cleaning Services Cover for You

6 Overlooked Office Places Industrial Cleaning Services Cover for You 

Do you know office workers come in contact with more than 10 million bacteria in a day? The common areas are most likely to pass these germs to the employees. Most offices ensure to clean out the garbage, dust the desktops, vacuum carpets and sweep floors, and clear out the clutter. But, do you know there are still germs threats lurking around your office? To completely clean out the area, industrial cleaning services will help you out.

Following are the hidden places they will help to clean out in an attempt to make your office germ-free and squeaky clean.

Phone – Included in Industrial Cleaning Services

Phones are one of the things that are the reason for germ spread. We all know how our cell phones get dirty, but as it turns out, our office phones also have the same issue. They are a hub for germs since many people use them and put them close to their mouths. These germs are quickly transferred on the surface that can easily infect the other user. These phones rarely get cleaned even though we use them several times a day. So, make sure the next time you are cleansing or hiring someone else for the job, they don’t overlook the phone.

Chair Arm 

While thinking about the office’s germ areas, you probably don’t think about the armchairs. Your hands touch these surfaces a lot of times in a day. When wiping the desks and other devices, make sure the office building cleaning company you hire also focuses on the chair arms to ensure no germs are left on them, so the chance of your employees getting sick reduces.

Elevator Buttons – Included in Services by Office Cleaning Companies

If you have elevators in the workplace, think about how many people use them daily. More so, consider how many of them touch the buttons. This is one of the common ways that germs spread from person to person in a work environment. Reputable companies like Jan Pro Okc will never neglect them during the cleaning process.

Photocopier and Printer

Both of these devices have multiple buttons and drawers that several employees use throughout the day. Their display board handles and controls should be wiped daily. Also, make sure when you hire industrial cleaning services, they disinfect and sanitize the touchpoints of these devices, so none of your employees get sick because of it.

Coffee Maker and Water Cooler

If you have several coffee lovers in your office, the coffee machine will see a lot of contact throughout the day. Therefore, this appliance requires continuous wiping every day and proper sanitizing once in a while from professional cleaners. 

After you are done with the coffee maker, swing by your water cooler, as it is one of the most used equipment in offices. These coolers are located in hallways or easily access corners, and they are often overlooked in the daily cleaning process. 

You should create a checklist for daily cleaning so you don’t miss out on any areas. This will be a good reminder for everyday cleaning and to make sure professional cleaners don’t neglect it while sanitizing the office space. 

Door Handles and Keypads

When thinking of germs from door handles, most offices only consider bathroom door handles. However, all doors, including those with keypads or fingerprint machines, also get the same traffic. Therefore, never forget to disinfect them properly.

This may sound a lot to cover, but luckily professional industrial cleaning services can help you get the job done to maintain a healthy office environment. Now that you know the hidden places that are often overlooked during the cleaning, here are some frequently asked questions to further explore these places.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are the most germs in the workplace? 

The desktop contains the most germs in the office. They have around 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. They can easily travel from one person to another, as many employees touch them throughout the day. Therefore, make sure your industrial cleaning services must include proper cleaning and sanitization of desktops.

  1. How do I make my office germ-free?

To properly clean the office and make it germ-free, you can follow these tips:

  • Wash hands regularly
  • Be careful what you touch
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Don’t eat at your desk
  • Hire industrial cleaning services to have your office cleaned
  1. What is involved in office cleaning?

The process of office building cleaning includes mopping, dusting, sweeping, toilet cleaning, washroom cleaning, carpet vacuuming, furniture cleaning, and many more. Get in touch with a nearby professional cleaner to find out details about the services they offer.

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