7 Best Hospitals In Thailand Which You Should Know

hospitals in thailand

Finding the best hospital in Thailand is not an easy task. Most ex-pats want to know the answer to the question “which is the best hospital in Thailand ”? When it comes to medical care, there could be no other better place than Thailand. Every country has a different hospital with different quality of medical services. 

If you want to receive treatment for any specific ailment, then it is a good idea to do in-depth research to find the best hospital in Bangkok which can offer a high level of care.

Doing research is not very simple and straightforward, especially when you are away from your home country. But it is imperative to take your time and collect the required information sooner. It is impossible to find out when an emergency will hit you badly and you need a doctor.  

In this guide, we are going to discuss the top 7 hospitals in Thailand:

1. Bumrungrad International Hospital

It is one of the best hospitals in Thailand and it is situated in the heart of Bangkok. This hospital has 200 beds and they offer premium healthcare services. This hospital has earned name and fame as a specialty medicine and a leading provider in medical tourism. Most ex-pat retirees who are living in Bangkok are big fans of these hospitals. The staff of Bumrungrad is efficient in their communication skills and they can fluently speak English.

This hospital is listed among those hospitals which have received Coveted Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA). More than one million patients are treated here every year. Bumrungrad international hospital is offering normal medical check-ups for major surgeries. This hospital will offer high-quality medical services to their patients with a low waiting time.

2. Akesis Life Cancer Treatment Center

This cancer treatment center is situated in Asoke, Bangkok. Nowadays, integrative oncology is getting widely popular for treating cancer without leading to any damage in the cells of the body. Akesis Life cancer treatment center is situated in Bangkok and it is the latest center for cancer treatment. This center receives patients from different parts of the world.

3. Phyathai Sriracha

This hospital is situated approximately a 90-minute drive away from Bangkok.  Phyathai Sriracha is also listed among the top hospitals in Thailand and it has a big international department with English staff and bilingual Thai. Most ex-pats from different parts of Thailand favor Phyathai Sriracha to get medical treatment. This hospital has a caring staff and they offer high-quality medical services at affordable prices.

4. Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital

It is situated on the convent road, Silom, Bangkok. BNH is a modern hospital that operates according to international standards. Due to the availability of more than 100 beds, this hospital offers both outpatient and inpatient treatment services. Physical health service providers are offering their services in diverse medical fields.  

Due to the availability of new technology and sophisticated medical equipment in Thailand, this hospital can offer top-notch medical care services to its patients. This hospital receives more patients from more than 70 different countries. Some top-rated medical divisions are the dental clinic, Check-up Centre, BNH shoulder, and BNH spine center.

5. Bangkok Hospital

The main branch of this hospital is located at New Petcgburi Rd., Hway Kwang, Bangkok. This medical care center has received the Joint Commission International Gold Seal of Approval and Hospital Accreditation (HA) of Thailand. The Bangkok hospital has so many branches over Thailand. This hospital has well-qualified and world-renowned healthcare service providers.

In this hospital, the latest medical equipment and new techniques are used. Also, this hospital has exceptional nursing staff who have completed overseas training and they are capable to provide the best medical care services. The Bangkok hospital strives to create a peaceful ambiance at the hospital. In Bangkok, patients are multi-cultural and they are from different regions and countries. There are some translators in the hospital who can speak different languages.

6. Yanhee General Hospital

This hospital is situated at the Charansanitwong Road, Bangplad, Bangkok. The Yanhee Hospital is a Joint Commission International, USA accredited hospital which has various multi-specialty treatment centers which can cater to the needs and demands of both foreigners and locals.  

Though this hospital serves an important niche in general medicine. The Yankee general hospital is widely popular for doing top-rated cosmetic surgeries. Yanhee is named among the top surgery hospitals in Thailand. In this hospital, there is a special staff who can fluently speak English. This department will help in maintaining effective communication between patients and nurses.  

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7. Siriraj Hospital

This hospital is situated on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok, Siriraj Hospital. This is the largest and biggest hospital in Thailand. It has a capacity of more than 2,000 beds. Siriraj Hospital is the busiest hospital in the country.

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