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7 Doodles Art Benefits for Your Kids

7 Doodles Art Benefits for Your Kids 

Doodles Art: Brain exercises for children are as important as a healthy diet. Doodling is one of the practices that help in improving the learning ability of the child. What is Doodle? Doodles are the random sketches that you can draw on the paper. The 2016 research study on doodles’ effect on children, indicates that children who draw doodles have better education performance as compared to those who don’t.

I have two kids and both love drawing. Recently my childhood friend Muneeb came by who is the best child specialist in Lahore. He told me the importance of doodling and its positive effects on the children’s minds. I was surprised to know that children who draw doodles are multitaskers and have a better memory than non-doodle children.

7 Benefits of Doodling on Your Kids

There are certain benefits connected with doodling. It helps in improving learning abilities, memory, focus, and hand-eye coordination. Besides these, it is also helpful for promoting creativity and reducing stress. Let’s get into the details of these benefits below.

1. Improves Learning

Doodles are helpful for improving the learning abilities of the children. It is useful for retaining information for a longer time period. Doodling also promotes learning among young children by improving their motor skills. Therefore if your child is young, encourage him/her to doodle. It will also aid your child in starting writing and drawing in a fun way.

2. Develops Hand-Eye Coordination

Doodling at a very young age is good for having better hand-eye coordination. By developing this coordination your children can improve their drawing skills as well. Doodling requires a lot of time and therefore it also helps them to learn some time management skills.

3. Boosts Memory

Every parent wants their kids to be intelligent. However very few indulge their kids in healthy exercises. If you are that kind of parent then it’s time to take mobile from your baby and hand it over the doodle sketchbook. Doodling improves listening and information retention skills. Therefore a child who does doodles outperforms those who don’t.

4. Improves Focus

Some people think doodling is a time-wasting practice however that is not true. Doodling requires a lot of patience and focus to draw something creative. And therefore it helps the children to overcome distractions like daydreaming and encourage them to be focused on the task. That is why students who draw doodles are more focused during the lecture as compared to non-doodle students.

5. Relieves Stress

Unnecessary stress can cause your child serious mental health issues. Therefore they have to engage themselves in healthy exercises. Yoga and doodling both can help your children to overcome stress. By drawing different patterns children can relax their minds. Doodling helps the children to draw as per their thinking and there is no limited time for that. Which helps them to draw without any limitation.

6. Promotes Creativity

“Creativity is the Mother of Invention” it’s a common saying that all of you are aware of. Doodles help in promoting creativity. Every child is unique and he/she draws what comes into his/her mind. By connecting different characters and unleashing their imagination, children can improve their creative thinking also.

7. Express Emotions

Doodling is the best way to express your emotions. Sometimes children are not very good at explaining what they are going through. Therefore by adding their thoughts in the form of drawing on paper will assist them to express what they are feeling. This practice not only boosts their confidence but it also helps them to find the solution to their problem creatively.

Summing Up

Doodles are helpful for your children as it helps them to draw independently. This practice assists them to draw without limitation and express their feelings in a better way. Besides this, doodling also aids in improving the health of your children. Therefore children who draw doodles have better emotional and mental health.

To promote this drawing habit among your children, draw doodles with them. Doodling with children will help you to understand your child more. In case your children are drawing something negative that expresses depression or anxiety then talk to them or take them to the therapist or psychologist near you.

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