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7 Effective ways to get more out of Cardboard Boxes

7 Effective ways to get more out of Cardboard Boxes 

Boxes have always been a part of human life. They have always fullied their services at their best. They are used for many purposes like storing different items of offices or home. You can also use them for packing other product for deliveries or packing to represent in the market for audiences. These carton boxes vary in material for fragile, complex or light items. Cardboard boxes are of different types, such as

  • paperboard
  • corrugated/ kraft
  • Rigid
  • bux

Paperboard is much thinner and lighter than any other boards. It is not recommended on a business level to pack and transport heavy items in it. An excellent example of such boxes is biscuit boxes or cereal boxes where they work as secondary packaging. You can easily customize these boxes with the company’s logo and designs of your own with contact details or any other important information about the product such as expiry dates, ingredients warnings etc.

Corrugated Boards or Kraft boards are four times thicker than paperboard. It is more potent, robust, and has a firm base to keep the product in its place during transportation. Corrugated or kraft is also eco-friendly, which gives them extra points to be recommended in businesses. Consumers like to be associated with companies who think about Mother Nature and take responsibility for it. These boxes are everyday used in transporting household items and office keeping offices record and items for safekeeping or record room. You can easily customize these boxes with designs or patterns of your own choice to enhance your product visibility and appearance.

Rigid or Bux board are much thicker than the corrugated board. These board boxes are used for fragile or expensive products like glass or crystal decoration pieces, watches, perfumes, mobiles etc. It keeps the product safe and works as the primary packaging. You can easily customize these boxes with the company logo and additional information about the company or the product.

Cardboard boxes come in different sizes depending on your customer requirements and the product you want to pack in them. These boxes are in simple brown colour, but you can easily customize them to make your product visible and enhanced its presence in the market. The latest technologies and most advanced machinery customization of such boxes have become easy and have the most pleasing results.

The usage of a custom cardboard boxes has made product marketing easy and hassle-free. It is customized with the company’s logo, additional information about the product and contact details of the company, which helps to make a communication bridge with the customer to build a confident relation. Contact details allow the customer to contact the company directly and quickly for feedback, queries, and upcoming products. The customized product box works as an advertising tool advertising your brand where ever it goes. It is an effective tool to get your brand recognized on an international platform. It helps your brand get recognized and visible among the other brands with any extra marketing campaigns and budgets.

The first and most accessible means of transporting different products is cardboard boxes. They are cheap and easy to find in the market. They are available in all sizes depending on the customer’s requirements or the size of the product. Cardboard shipping boxes have made transportation hassle-free and economical. Due to its lightweight, the shipping cost is also reduced compared to the other materials like plastic, wood, glass. Additional material for transportation or keeping the products are

  • glass
  • plastic
  • wood
  • poly bags
  • foil sealed bags

Plastic boxes are a suitable replacement for carton boxes due to the durability and transparent feature, but they are not economical on massive manufacturing. You can easily customize them with the company logo and other information. It can be efficiently designed with different patterns but colours. You can use plastic boxes as a primary or secondary packing of the product, but you cannot use them to transport them in bulk.

Wood boxes are used as the packaging of the product with beautiful carvings to make the product enhanced and worth noticing. Wood is heavy, which will increase the shipping cost, which is not beneficial for the company. Wood boxes are not recommended to use as transporting products, but you can use them to make your product packaging unique and stylish.

Polybags are one of the plastic bags commonly used to pack different items that are not heavy. These bags are widely used for packing books, fruits, household items, etc. These bags are transparent and simple, but you can easily customize them with different colors or small patterns on them. They are cheap and are readily available in the market. Despite all the positive attributes, plastic bags are one of the primary sources of polluting the environment. Foiled seal bags are also one of the types of plastic bags that are cheap and easy to find.

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