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8 Brilliant Web Design Ideas To Get Your Customers Click Like Never Before
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8 Brilliant Web Design Ideas To Get Your Customers Click Like Never Before 

Even though top web development tools like WordPress, Wix, etc. have proved to be a lifesaver for most of us, but still some people struggle in creating top-notch websites for their business.

What makes a great website? A design that appeals to your audience, communicates your brand identity, focuses on your core values, and is esthetically pleasing at sight.

In web design, UI UX design also plays an important role. Each UI UX design agency works in coordination with the design team to enhance the quality of the user experience.

Top web design ideas to use in 2021

Here is the list of great web design ideas that are running strong in 2021 and have the potential to earn a large number of clicks from your audience.

Getting comfortable with colors

It doesn’t matter if you creating a simple digital marketing blog or a tech-based website for a startup, using color schemes and combinations that are easy and cool to the eyes like neutrals an pastels are highly desired.

Try to incorporate warm browns, natural greens, pastel blues, cool greys, and alike in your web design. These combinations are less shocking s compared to pure black and white.

Illustration that protrudes

Imagery offers plenty of liberty to creatives in the business to play with like AE/VR based animations, hand drawn illustrations, abstract art movement, digital photography, and so on.

Although there are many trends to explore, one of the most powerful techniques in neumorphism. A style that uses real-life imagery and flat icons and incorporating them with modern, improved 3D graphics.

Although the effect isn’t photorealistic, but definitely more engaging displaying the true sense of minimalistic realism.

Throw in animations

Seemingly, the most prominent and noticeable aspect in any animation that attention is that motion. And the more the attention it captures, the better the response from the audience.

Recently, brands have released their creative strategy from the stranglehold of strict minimalism and opted for a more interactive approach. Using anything between smooth animations and page transitions, the idea is to remove that “static” feel.

You can add a visual feedback for the user, while scrolling is one of the best ways to add interaction naturally, i.e., multidirectional page transitions to animated illustrations.

Electrify your design

Usage of vivid colors might never get out of fashion, yet the ways though which new forms can be created is being consistently tapped about.

If you’re running a professional logo design company or a tech startup, a bold spread of blazing colors goes without saying. This is what energetic, artistic minded audiences and clients connect with easily.

Try to blend in different shades of gradients with added concentration. Gradients are absolutely classic when it comes to merging with 3D colors and giving the design a rounded feel.

Call in abstracts

If you’re not into actual digital or film photography, using geometric shapes and abstracts is the right alternate you need for your website designs.

Although it depends on your industry, but abstract visuals can steal the audience’s gaze from your competitors and avoid stock imagery and commonly seen layouts.

Abstract motifs are known to direct attention to crucial website areas like product pages and CTAs, moreover, it balances large product gallery layouts and create a defined brand authority.

Telling your audience where to go

What if the navigation menu is the main item in your business website’s homepage? Stepping in the customers’ shoes, navigation menus are the very first thing they look out after landing on your homepage.

This generates an opportunity to create the navigation menu into a visual masterclass. Besides adding the appeal, the idea is to help provide a better user experience.

Telling your audience is particularly useful for e-commerce development and platforms, artists with thriving portfolios, and companies integrating limited, only specific CTAs.

Vintage, old is gold

Vintage designs are all about inviting nostalgic vibes associated with the early days of the internet. Therefore, using old school fonts, worn out textures, and skeuomorphic designs is the real deal in this regard.

If your audience demands close associations and relatability with your business, then going for vintage designs makes sense. For instance, an online store retro classics music, Old England styled clothing store, and likewise.

Moreover, adding graphics like screen printers and typewriter-esque fonts and faded photo albums could produce unbeatable designs.

Talk through text

Businesses with text focused messages can go with type-based designs. It might not seem much, but designers can actually try a plethora of experiments through font size, color, choice, and typographic layout.

Obviously, the design won’t exhibit anything classy with overconfidence brewing all over, but it throws clear emphasis on your message. You can either opt with a minimal or maximal through text-heavy design. For instance, if your brand is somewhat sensitive and understated, then a minimalist approach using prominently thin, sans serif font with plenty of space in between allows the reader to easily read, and consume what is being communicated across.

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