8 Useful Steps To Create An Unique And Attractive Logo For Your Brand

8 Steps in Logo Designing
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What comes to your mind when you see a ‘tick mark’ or ‘correct mark?’ It reminds you of one brand and that is NIKE that we are well aware of. Nike was successful in creating a brand image that has been embedded in the customer’s mind. You can easily relate to the tick sign. The sign used is the logo design that helped it to achieve success. It won’t be wrong if we say a logo makes your brand a success. It can be a symbol, mark, or initials of a name to represent your company, brand, or product. The simpler the logo design the more memorable it becomes in no time.

Logos are used for primary and secondary uses. You can use it for your website and social media platforms or you can use it for recruitment, marketing printed material, and banners. Logo designing requires a lot of hard work in sketching and coming up with new, simple ideas. Your band should represent your entire organization and product. The use of colors and shapes help make the brand successful. It can be tricky so we recommend taking help from a logo design company that will create a unique logo design without any hassle.

8 Steps to design a Logo:


Logo design is not just a simple design that you can create without brainstorming and reasoning. One needs to ponder on the reasons why they need a logo and what it will represent. So it becomes important to know your company and product first. People connect well when they can associate things with stories and to tell a story you should have a sound idea about your product, goals, and values. Deciding on the logo design is like deciding how well it will do in the market. Deciding the color, shape, and font type become equally important.

Answering questions like who are your competitors, who are your target audience, what brand image you want to create helps in deciding the logo design more easily.


This phase requires a lot of attention as you have to come up with various unique logo ideas for your brand keeping in mind the simpler the better. A lot of searching is required too. The best way is to describe your brand in 10 words and use them to come up with a logo idea. Keeping in mind the words, start sketching the logo. Jot down anything that comes to your mind.

Random designs

When sketching remember that colors and shapes play an important role. It is advisable to avoid clip-art work. Be creative. We all associate different colors with different emotions so making use of such colors to represent your brand will help create an emotional response to them. For example, green represents peace and growth. It is often used by food companies to represent care for the planet. You should also explore different logos and see what they represent. Having knowledge about the trending logos helps in designing a better logo that will be engraved in the consumer’s mind.

Decide the type of logo

The most crucial stage remains to decide the logotype. It is important to decide whether the logo design will be in symbols, letters, initials, texts in a symbol, etc.


Once there are a number of sketches of logo designs with different colors, shapes, and font sizes put together. You can use logo designing tools to come up with a new logo depending on the type of logo design you want.  Thinking outside the box is the key to creating a unique logo. Keep sketching and evaluating until you come with an innovative logo design. This step will help you narrow down your options. Have doubts about the short-listed logos? Show it to your family and friends whom you trust and take honest feedback from them. A customer never lies about it.

Digital Formatting

At this point, you can develop the layout on any design platform. If you do not want to pay for it you can use free layout designing platforms. The digital touch will help to bring the logo design to life. The logo should be aligned with correct spacing and font size. The digital format will help in increasing the effectiveness of the brand.


Selected a logo? It is time to work on the little details like the story and what it represents. The best logo is one that is unique, simple, and memorable. The color, image, and fonts should represent the overall brand. You need to decide if you want to place your logo against some different background color or not to make it look bold. Netflix is an example of such a logo. It stands against a black ground with red bold letters.


Logos are used on different platforms with different marketing techniques to create awareness about the brand so it becomes necessary to create logos that will stand out everywhere. Logos are used for social media platforms, billboards, magazines, and websites. The logo should be scalable meaning it should be made in a way that it is legible at all times. It should fit big spaces like billboards or can be narrowed down on a newspaper.

Logos need a lot of time and dedication in the making. It is a long process but you shouldn’t rush or else you will miss out on major points. Make sure you know your brand properly first and then start building a logo around it.  Remember your logo represents your business from the color used for the logo to the font size everything creates a dramatic look to it so decide carefully. Though a logo is not the only thing that makes your brand successful it is one of the most important things that help in creating a brand image. It is always better to ask logo designing companies to make a logo as it saves time, adds the professional touch and you get a trendy impactful logo design in no time.