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A Few Important Things to Know about PDF to Flipbook Software
Flipbook Software

A Few Important Things to Know about PDF to Flipbook Software 

This article focuses on a few important things about PDF to flipbook software. Let’s get started.

After the advent of the internet, the publishing industry has transformed and become sophisticated. Further, nowadays, people do not give up the comfort of their homes in order to buy conventional paper magazines and newspapers. They want to read them on their mobile phones and personal computers.

PDF to flipbook software

The publishing industry understands this reading preference of the readers and has become digitized. Moreover, the COVID19 pandemic makes people read online publications rather than handling paper printed publications. Many publishers and businesses turned digital in the times of COVID19 in order to survive in the industry. One of the software programs that makes turning digital easy for publishers and entrepreneurs is PDF to flipbook software.

The software is user friendly

The software program is very easy to use. Even a computer beginner can make use of it to its max potential without any hassle. You are only required to sign up on the software and upload your PDF file or batch PDF files. They will get converted into a wonderful and rich interactive feature enriched flipbook in a few minutes of time.

PDF to flipbook software is known to recreate the reading experience of going through a traditional paper printed publication. This is because of the fact that your readers can flip through the pages of your magazines or brochures like they do while reading paper printed magazines or brochures.

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You can make your publications more attractive and informative by adding rich media components to them. PDF to flipbook software provides you with the feature to add videos, forms, animations, music, and more. With the help of such interactivity, you can engage them to spend more time on your publications. For instance, in the present time, every reader won’t mind watching a relevant and resourceful video in your publication. You can make him learn more about your products and services via a video.

A PDF to flipbook converter software program provides you with some privacy options as well. You can have control over the visibility of your publications. You can make your magazines or newspapers public or private. If you do not want that web spiders to crawl and index certain content of your publications, you can also do it.

You can lure readers to subscribe to you by showing previews of your publications. You can also protect your publications with passwords and usernames. These privacy settings make user subscription management simple.

Easy sharable

You can share your flipbooks on social media channels with one click. You can make use of the immense popularity of social channels like Twitter and Instagram for your brand awareness. Not to mention, in the present time, billions of people are using social media platforms. Thus you need to have an active presence to take advantage.

Bespoken themes

Most PDF to flipbook software provide bespoken themes to cater to a wide range of industries. You can color your themes as per your choice or brand recognition. A few software providers also offer pre designed themes ideal for several industries.

QR code

  • You can share your publications using a QR code generated by your PDF to flipbook software.
  • Easily share and promote a QR code.
  • Share them online and your users can scan them using a QR code scanner.
  • Print them in different places for instance a T shirt for promotional purposes.

This way your customers and potential customers can scan in order to directly access your magazines, catalogs, and more. Not to mention, a QR code eliminates the need of typing long URLs in the browser. Your users can quickly scan and access your publications.

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