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A Guide to Choosing Sports Shoes for Women

A Guide to Choosing Sports Shoes for Women 

Running is a fun way to relieve your mind and start your day. Most women who want to keep fit get some cardio through running. According to a study, 70% of runners will pick up a running injury. The preference is higher when you have the wrong running gear.

Choosing the right running shoes can make or break your routine. Running shoes have the technology to support your feet when running. Not every shoe or brand will work out for you. Here is a guideline on how to pick perfect running shoes.

Running Shoes vs. Sports Shoes

If you want to start running, get running-specific shoes. They are different from regular sports shoes. There are wonderful sports shoes for women, but make sure they are running shoes before you buy them.

Running shoes offer the right balance and support. They can withstand constant motion and pressure. Also, the shoes should bend at the foot of your toes. For more information, follow this link,

Foot Types

There are different foot types, and running shoes should support each type. If you have no idea what your foot type is, here is a short explanation.

  • Flat feet. When standing, people with flat feet do not have an arch between the heel and the ball of their feet. Flat feet need support and foam in the middle.
  • High arches. People with a high arch have a prominent gap between the foot and the floor. With this foot type, you need something that offers cushioning on impact when running and a flexible shoe.
  • Neutral feet have a middle from the high and the low arched feet. They do not need extra support or cushioning. People with neutral feet find it easy to find running shoes.

Knowing your foot type will ease the process of finding the best running shoes.

Types of running shoes

The type of running shoe is dependent on your goal and kind of feet. There are three types of running shoes.

  • Stability. Stability shoes are more common and suited for people with an average arch.
  • Motion-control. There are motion-control shoes for people with flat feet. They need motion control as they tend to roll their feet more inward. They help you maintain the correct running posture.
  • Cushioning. The shoes offer support for people with high arched feet. Also, they are less rigid and are significantly lighter in weight.

Choosing the shoe

Choosing the shoe

With the available variety of sports shoes for women online, it can be hard to find the best shoe. The quality may be excellent, but there are other things to keep in mind. Try different options and think about what you love or hate about them.

If you have an old pair, taking it with you can help the salesperson help find the best fit. The best fit should sit right with socks on and not move about at the heel.

What to avoid?

Avoid shoes that have more padding. Avoid too much padding at the heel and less at the toes. Also, avoid shoes with additional arch support material.

The guide above will point you to the best running shoes. You will enjoy running every morning. Make sure to change the shoes after a while.

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