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A Yogi’s Guide To Becoming The Best Yoga Teacher | RYT Certification

A Yogi’s Guide To Becoming The Best Yoga Teacher | RYT Certification 

From helping you understand the limitless nature of your body and mind to connecting with the divine; there is a lot that yoga offers. This ancient art contains in-depth information on not just the physical aspects of your existence but also the subtle aspects of your spiritual being. It is one reason why anyone doing yoga training might advise you to enroll in an RYT certification.

However, the question that arises is – How do I find the perfect yoga teacher training program? Don’t worry! With years of experience under their belt, yoga experts have come up with a small guide. This guide will help you become the top yoga teacher by ticking all the right boxes. It will ensure that your aim of being the top yoga teacher becomes a reality, so pay attention.

5 Factors To Consider For Finding The Best Yoga Teacher Training

Before you sign in on a yoga teacher training form, remember, earning an RYT certification is no walk in the park. It requires a serious commitment of time and effort from your side. Therefore, finding the perfect place for this program is something you must do to become the best. Remember, to become the best, you also have to train under the best.

Keeping in mind the above statement, given below are five factors you should remember when searching for the right yoga teacher training program.

  1. The Location

Are you comfortable with going to a YTT located deep within the mountains or somewhere near the beach? You will find numerous yoga teacher training programs with each of them taking place at a unique location.

Yoga experts recommend you look for an RYT certification in India. India has had a long history with this ancient art. Therefore, you would get complete and authentic yoga teacher training programs here.

  1. The Curriculum

The one thing you should know about before joining a yoga teacher training program is the curriculum. Make sure the study includes lessons on yoga anatomy, asana practice, yoga philosophy, and yoga teaching lessons. These lay a solid foundation of the yoga basics for you to progress in yoga teacher training.

  1. After Certification Plans

Enrolling in an RYT certification is not all about yoga asanas. If you plan to become a certified yoga teacher later; you must take an active liking towards yoga teaching. Make sure you inquire about the yoga teaching classes offered during the program. These would give you the confidence and skills to handle a large group of yoga enthusiasts.

  1. The Cost

One important factor to consider when you are looking for an RYT certification is the cost. Different yoga teacher training programs have different fee structures. You do want to become a yoga teacher, but not at the cost of breaking the bank. Therefore, you must consider not just the training fee but also the cost involved in booking accommodation, food, and travel.

  1. The Certification

Yoga teacher training falls under a variety of certifications. For example, if you plan to teach yoga after completing the program, you must enroll in a program associated with Yoga Alliance USA. Keep in mind, without a certification of any kind, the yoga teacher training would not be of much use.

There are yogis who are content with their personal yoga practice. If you are someone who is a bit skeptical about joining a yoga teacher training; the information below is for you.

Why Enroll In A Yoga Teacher Training?

As stated above, enrolling in an RYT certification is not all about doing yoga asanas day in and out. Becoming an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) offers you three major benefits including;

  1. Helps You Develop A New Perspective

During yoga teacher training, you come face to face with the not-so-nice aspects of your personality. Fortunately, you get support from highly skilled yoga teachers who help you get out of this rut. With time, you develop a new perspective towards the world and people which also helps you dive deeper into your own mind.

In the long run, this is what makes you a better human being and helps others understand this ancient art beyond the mat.

  1. Offers The Best Career Choice

Earning the RYT certification does not just give you the tools to do challenging yoga asanas. It also offers you the best career choice. If you are someone who loves to travel a lot, then becoming a certified yoga teacher is fit for you.

Moreover, the YTT comes with freedom of choice when it comes to living life on your own terms. In short, no more headache of answering to a boss at a 9 to 5 job, you are your own boss.

  1. Helps You Realize The Important Things

A typical corporate job involves running to get a raise or promotion to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Your whole focus of life becomes running after one thing or another. However, all that changes when you enroll in a yoga teacher training program.

You learn to focus on what actually matters in your life. This includes your growth on a mental and spiritual level, and taking care of your loved ones.


If you want to get rid of the unnecessary stress in your life; enroll in a certified yoga teacher training program. This gives you a way out of all the chaos and confusion in life. Therefore, earning an RYT certification definitely does gives you a lot more than you might expect.

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