Advancing with Technology Enabled Security Services

Security Guard Services

The job of security personnel is a highly coveted one considering the kind of world we live in and do our business in. Every 1 out of 5 business premises is either attacked or at a high risk of being attacked every week, which makes security guard services the most sought after services of all time. The higher the business value of your company, the greater is your risk quotient, and to protect every inch and dollar invested in your company, you need a reliable security staff hired from the reputed security guard services company. Given the types of risks every business face, we need the support of certain technologies that make the job of guards easy and trustworthy.

In this article, we have covered the top security technologies that could heavily support your decision to opt for security guard services.

Video Surveillance

Video assisted security guard services are rated as the top notch differentiator in the industry. The chances of crimes occurring in the locality go down by 50 percent if you have installed a video integration system. If there is a trained security guard handling the video surveillance for your operations, the risks go down almost 90 percent! The practical applications and integrations available today have become so readily accessible that it’s not available on smartphones and digital CCTVs. This means you can view every movement happening in and around your property in an HD format, and also rate the services of your hired security guard services better. The best aspect of hiring a trained security personnel is the fact that these guards are themselves trained in understanding how video detection systems work, their weak points, and so on. So, by chance, if the video systems fail due to a power outage or any other technical reason, trained security personnel would still stay vigil to thwart any kind of risky event from occurring.

In short, videos are helpful assistants to your hired security guard services.

Intercom Connectivity

Intercom based entry systems have been in the market for some time now. With the kind of connectivity options they provide, a single security guard can manage various access points using intercom services easily. These are particularly used in offices, receptions, school, home security, hospitals, and parking, where the visitor might be required to speak with the receiver / host before being granted access to the premise. The use of intercom services eliminates the risk of intrusion by 100%. In the US, security monitoring agencies reported a 500 percent decrease in the crime rate in business centers when even 10 percent of the companies installed an intercom based security to empower their security staff.


If you own a large property with a huge footfall, you ought to know about the benefits of having turnstile points. These are recognized security barriers in malls, airports, IT buildings, and warehouses. They are installed for gated entry and can be operated manually or by using RFID access cards. Yet, 90 percent of all turnstiles are manned by trained security personnel who keep a vigil on who’s entering. Any kind of breach is immediately reported to the higher officials and cohesively taken care of.

Fireline Systems

Not all risks arise due to encroachment. Some risks could arise due to natural forces, like fire. And, best security services providers don’t abandon you in a fire scenario either because they are trained to mitigate such situations and salvage your property in every way possible.

Fire protection systems are among the best security protection units that you can install on your premises. Fire alarms are installed at places that can’t be manned by security guards due to the nature of their existence and the degree of risk to human lives involved. Having a fire system in addition to security guards manning your property could save millions of dollars for you.

In addition to these technologies, we are also witnessing the rise of AR VR glasses and IoT bracelets that act as early warning systems against any kind of danger lurking in the vicinity. Laced with nanotech armors, every security guard is a ‘robocop’.

Therefore, the best security guard services not only provide the most effectively trained and skilled guards but also ensure their staff is up to date with the modern security devices and utilities that can make their job easier. Hiring a security guard company that can amp up the effectiveness of your technology investments is the best decision you can make for your business.