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Afraid of Stains? Here are 5 Fabrics That You Can Easily Remove Stains From

Afraid of Stains? Here are 5 Fabrics That You Can Easily Remove Stains From 

Spills and stains are a regular occurrence at the dinner table. Even the most careful among us are prone to an accidentally spilled wine glass or casserole dish that leaves a mark on a napkin, upholstered chair, or, worst of all, that heirloom tablecloth. That’s why having a proactive mindset—along with the right fabric—can help prevent spills and stains in the first place. There is a plethora of alternatives when it comes to table linens.


These upholstery and furnishing fabrics are thick enough to withstand accidental spills of red wine, oils, and other common liquids. They are successfully wiped off with a dry or moist fabric rather than being immediately eaten. This feature makes them ideal for heavy use as a family room sofa, dining room table, and kitchen seats, as well as commercial upholstery in cafés, bars, children’s or matured consideration offices and inns.

Take a look at these textiles that are both stain-resistant and easy to remove stains from. With these fabrics, you can’t go wrong!


The Microfiber isn’t a practical fabric, but it’s become so well-known for being stain-resistant and durable that we had to include it here. It’s like acrylic or cotton, refers to the thickness of the fiber rather than the type. It’s mostly polyester, however, some of the fabrics were made with rayon and others with nylon added for quality. If you were to read microfiber upholstery surveys, you’d find that many people say it keeps up beautifully, but others have been disappointed because it isn’t designed to have built-in stain protection.


Microfiber textiles, especially those mixed with nylon, can withstand a lot of rubbing before the filaments break down. Because of the fine filaments, the weave can be extremely tight, allowing fluid to dabs at a shallow level rather than absorb immediately. The textiles blur quickly, but be careful not to let them get too hot, as the filaments twist at high temperatures. Check Yorkshire Fabrics, a wholesale fabric supplier to avail!


Because of a secure dampness prevention, Crypton invention creates materials that can survive being wet. This demonstrates that a spilt drink will just dab on a negligent level, allowing you to wipe it up with perfect, dry material. Crypton fabrics have also been tested for stain and odor resistance, as well as being microbe resistant.

Crypton isn’t dangerous, however it has gained Greenguard Gold Accreditation, indicating that it meets stringent substance discharge standards. Any fabric that meets open fiber and development duty can be subjected to the “Cryptonizing” technique. Crypton fabrics are constructed from cotton, rayon, polyester, and other ordinary or synthetic wires. Crypton has no effect on the textiles’ appearance, feel, or breathability. Check Yorkshire Fabrics, a wholesale fabric supplier to avail!

Inside-Out Fabrics

Back to front fabrics, which debuted in the production fabric market in 2018, are more than your typical indoor/outdoor fabrics. This is due to the fact that they utilized polyester yarn rather of acrylic yarn, which has a much softer feel. As a consequence, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind upholstered indoor furniture alternative that’s both comfortable and stain-resistant.

Back to front textiles are extremely thick, often exceeding 50,000 twice rubs, are blur resistant (making them a good choice for bright spots), and resist pilling. They’re also naturally stained and fluid resistant – water or other spilt fluid globules will simply wipe up for easy cleaning – and can be cleaned with just cleaner and water. Check Yorkshire Fabrics, a wholesale fabric supplier to avail!


Revolution fabrics are often stain-resistant and woven from olefin yarn. These fabrics are sturdy, easy to clean, don’t fluff or pill, and are blur-safe. If that wasn’t enough, they’re also lovely and delicate, and they come in a variety of colors and textures. The disturbance fabrics’ olefin has been arrangement dyed, which means the color was blended into the liquid polymer before the yarn was created.

The fact that shading is such an important feature of the yarn makes it nearly stain-proof. Is it far superior? Almost any household cleanser, including dye, can be used to clean the materials. If things get a little filthy, simple water will usually be enough. However, it is necessary to understand that you can use solid cleaners. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and air drying the textiles.  Check Yorkshire Fabrics, a wholesale fabric supplier to avail!

Indoor-Outdoor Fabrics

Colored acrylic is used to create fabrics that may be used both indoors and outdoors. As a result, it is colorfast and does not fade quickly when exposed to the sun. This easy-to-clean texture dries quickly and doesn’t wrinkle, so it can last a long time. Acrylic, in any case, has a few drawbacks. It is known to push water, causing it to be more prone to producing electricity through friction. Furthermore, because it is not recommended to rub regions like some other textiles, it may not be suitable for some things that will be worn on a daily basis. Some lower-quality acrylics peel; however, higher-quality acrylics have been specifically designed to avoid this problem. Check Yorkshire Fabrics, a wholesale fabric supplier to avail!

Where can I find upholstery fabrics that are stain resistant?

We understand how difficult and frustrating it can be to constantly be concerned about what can happen to our furniture whenever we have a dinner party and feats at home, or when we’re too preoccupied to attend to our rambunctious children. Yorkshire Fabric, a wholesale fabric supplier has a stain-resistant fabric selection for your upholstery. Please contact them this wholesale fabric supplier to discuss your needs.

In a contract environment such as bars, clubs, and cafes, stain resistant fabrics are critical since they help extend the life and appearance of the fabric. Check Yorkshire Fabrics, a wholesale fabric supplier, to see all of the upholstery fabrics and choose a few before calling them to let them know what you want. Check out their fabric store right now!

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