Amazing Tips To Illustrate A Children’s Book:


Video Animation Services: Creating children’s books is not as simple as you think it is because these books have less text so you have to explain your story by your illustrations. However, there are many things that you have to keep in mind at the time of starting, from the age group to the reader’s level. If you are illustrating a children’s book the first thing you should know is that it will take a lot of your time to create a book. In this blog, you are going to find some amazing tips that are going to help you to illustrate your first picture book.

Get an Inspiration:

It is important to get inspiration from your favorite artists before starting your picture book because this way you will have an idea of Video Animation Services what you should do for starting your book. Look at some of your favorite artists and award-winning books, along with that look for some new books as well because that way you will have an idea of all new trends. Don’t forget to keep age and reader’s levels in your mind while brainstorming.

Know your strengths:

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses; some might be good at sketching while some can make amazing illustrations with oil painting. However, there are a number of writers who use different media to illustrate their story, you have to find out your strength. For example, Eric Carle — a well-known writer uses acrylic paints on tissue paper and then creates his collages with dried tissue papers.

Sketch the main character:

Get a sketch of the main character using your strengths to have an idea to start your own book. Moreover, the main character is going to define how your story is going to be and most of the children’s books have a main character that you are going to feature in every illustration and it also helps them to understand a story. You can get some ideas from your own favorite authors and the trending books as well. As continuity of the protagonist is important in children’s books that you have to practice drawing your character with different situations and expressions.

Create a draft for your story:

To start, it will be amazing if you create a sample or brief outline of your story first. As mention above, children’s book has less text so it can be little difficult to tell your story. Make some sample sketches of your story with some details and colors, so that you can have an idea about your final story.

Important to have feedback:

After making your draft story always have some feedback on your work. Feedback can be from your editor, colleagues, family, or friends which is going to help you to edit or redraw your illustrated story to create beautiful and pleasing images for the story.

Arrange the final draft:

Once it is completed, layout your text which you are going to add with your pictures. If you are working for a publishing company, they will assign you a book designer who will edit your text in your drawings. In case you are working on your own all works including editing text, resizing pictures, book cover designs you have to do your own.


Above mentioned, tips are going to help you to illustrate your book easily. The main thing you need to keep in your mind is that research is important before starting any work. Get the research done, make your mind clear about the story, and then start drawing.