An illustrated advent calendar – New calendar designs

An illustrated advent calendar

An illustrated advent calendar. Starting from December 1st, the days that separate us from Christmas are 25. In today’s tutorial, we will discover together how to create 25 colorful illustrations Christmas-themed with the formidable Maimeri Watercolor colors of the Maimeri Blue line of watercolors!

Let’s make an illustrated Advent Calendar together.

The origins of this calendar date back to the early 1800s, and I must say that this story fascinated me a lot. It seems that in those days, a little boy named Gerhard Lang, eager to celebrate Christmas, repeatedly asked his mother how many days were left until Christmas. So that one day, the mother cooked some spiced biscuits, which she placed in 24 bags so that little Gerhard could eat one a day until December 25th and count the days before the long-awaited Christmas himself.

This gesture full of love has been handed down over time. So today, I would say that there are so many versions of this Advent Calendar to confirm how much hasn’t changed much and that young and old alike are eagerly awaiting to experience the magic of Christmas. Today we will make the Watercolor Advent Calendar painted by each of you!

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These days what better pastime for us who love to paint, if not to be able to spend the afternoons of the next few days with a nice cup of hot tea and our beloved Maimeri Blu Watercolors! The 25 illustrations have been grouped into 5 themes, allowing us to paint more easily. You can paint them all together or dedicate yourself to them with tranquility, enjoying the moment you have carved out and savoring the Christmas air a little every day.

The objectives of this tutorial

An illustrated advent calendar

Each of our illustrated guides has particular objectives. But, of course, it is essential for us that the directory allows you to spend one or more fun and relaxing moments.

 But we’d also like to let you learn something new every time!

  • Practice Freehand Drawing: 25 Pencil Drawings
  • Paint with color layering
  • Create color shades
  • Define the details with Metallic Colors
  • Produce designs to execute on the Christmas tree

We make pencil drawings of the subjects.

Before drawing the tables, I wrote a list of the figures I wanted to draw, and I divided them into groups of 5 for each sheet.

In this way, we can use the paper in the best possible way and without waste. The pencil drawings I made are essential. The thing that interests us is to have a reference drawing when we go to paint with watercolors.

Christmas decorations

There is no self-respecting Christmas without the beautiful decorations with which we furnish our homes and with which, in a moment, we are surrounded by the color and scent of fir. So, for our first Christmas Decorations table, a tree with a star on the tip could not be missing! So, in the center of the sheet, I drew a Christmas Wreath of branches and leaves with a bow and berries, a sprig of Mistletoe with berries, a composition of fir branches and berries with a bump in the center, and a Christmas star with leaves.

We can obtain a beautiful bright green from our set of Maimeri Blu Watercolors by mixing Emerald Green Cod. 348 with Cadmium Yellow Cod. 083. Then paint the top of the tree and leave a white border following the motif of the pencil drawing. Perform the same step until the sapling is complete. For the moment, leave out the balls on the hair. Let it dry. Now proceed with the Emerald Green mixed with a touch of Bruno di Garanza Cod. 474, to obtain a more intense forest green typical of pine needles and paint each needle of the composition, leaving out the berries. Treat yourself by the top of the cover.

Be careful that the brush is not excessively charged with color; otherwise, you risk smudging the edges. Next, complete the branches and paint the leaves the same green. Let it dry. Let’s now move on to the leaves of our Christmas star. For the twigs with the needles, proceed exactly as you have already done using the same green as the wreath and for the leaves, use a lighter green combined with the forest green that will bring out the red petals.

The scent of Christmas treats

Can you also smell the unmistakable scent in the air of freshly baked Christmas gingerbread and cinnamon sweets? Here is what we will paint on our second plate. The 5 illustrations that I have chosen represent the typical Christmas sweets such as the little man and the gingerbread house, the Candy Canes sticks, the white and red candies that usually hang on the Christmas tree, a cinnamon cookie in the shape of a small tree decorated with colored sugared almonds and a chocolate muffin.

With the round brush n ° 4 Princeton Neptune, we immediately begin to mix the typical biscuit color of gingerbread. Mix the Bruno di Garanza Cod. 474 with a tip of Sepia Cod. 486. Paint the figure of the little man leaving white some details such as the eyes, the smile, the buttons, the bow, and the decorative wave motifs on which we will return later. Let the color flow to get the watercolor gradient effect.

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