Top 10 AngularJS Frameworks to Simplify Web App Development

angular web development

Developers need to select the right technology stack when it comes to web app development that is cost-efficient, fast, safe, and reliable. Even dedicated experienced developers need to adopt the right method and perhaps a distinctive approach in choosing the best AngularJS framework.

10 AngularJS Frameworks to Simplify Web App Development

AngularJS Frameworks

1. LumX

This AngularJS framework is based on Google Material Design that helps developers to create the finest web applications using the best UI development framework. It is a quick and efficient framework that gives control over the designing aspects such as the enhancement of UI.

Creating customized web solutions with LumX involves the usage of Saas, AngularJs, Bourbon, Jquery, and Neat. The key benefit is that it lets you optimize the files along with improving the app functionality.

2. PrimeNG

If there’s something that you need to turn to for a comprehensive UI solution in JS then it’s PrimeNG. It’s a dedicated UI for Angular developed by PrimeTek Informatics. The reliability levels are high since it is developed by a company. That carries tonnes of experience in creating the best available open-source UI components.

This will also help you to pick the best from its collection of native widgets that feature more than 80 components. Moreover, it comes loaded with the pre-built themes and other UI components useful for data presentation ranging from, menus, charts, inputs, overlays, and plenty of other UI-specific stuff.

3. QuantumUI

When it comes to getting the best used CSS-based components for web application development. Then you really need to check out the quantum. It includes 23 common components based on AngularJS and Bootstrap that are easy to manage on serves and are also rest-service friendly.

The real utility of QuantumUI lies in its facility to provide ample customization, especially allowing developers to bend components as per the project’s needs. A few of the available components in the Quantum framework are open source while others are commercial.

4. Videogular

Use this framework with the futuristic web applications that will offer the best Angular JS development experience. Videogular powered by AngularJS is specifically designed for video application framework used for desktop and mobile. It also follows the cue point system, themes, plugins, bindable properties, and mobile support.

5. Ember

Ember is extensively used in implementing component-based applications. Similar to the likes of React, Vue and Angular. If we look at its frontend implementation, then it is arguably more difficult from the lot since it has a relatively complex architecture. But, on the upside, it helps developers to swiftly create massive client-side applications.

6. AngularUI Bootstrap

A front-end framework called Bootstrap works as a base for the Angular UI Bootstrap. This framework consists of a bunch of native AngularJS directives that are based on Bootstrap HTML and CSS components. Plenty of directive options to choose from using the Angular UI Bootstrap which includes the alert, carousel, time and date picker, and even dropdown buttons to name a few.

Bootstrap supports responsive web design which means the layout of web pages adjusts dynamically depending upon the browser’s screen size.

It is a perfect solution for those looking for a dynamic solution that serves best for mobile app development. It has a mobile-first design philosophy that puts weight on responsive design as its default.

7. Supersonic

Supersonic is perhaps the only hybrid app-first UI framework. With a library made up of CSS, web components, and JavaScript. The best part is that developers can use it with any framework of their choice based on the requirements that make it framework agnostic. And since it is embedded with AngularJS, it helps in the easy creation of HTML5 apps.

Running the Supersonic APIs on Vanilla Cordova App or mobile websites is not possible. But then, developing web apps gets easier as it has the facility to let developers write HTML blended with CSS components. Also, one can use the web components to map HTML for fully native interfaces allowing access to native API effortlessly.

8. Spring Security 5

Java world is no stranger to Spring security and its latest version released in 2019 is the best way to secure your web application. There is no better substitute available currently for web app security. Updating it to Spring Security 5 is the best thing you could do to secure your precious application. This latest edition also has bug fixes with a comprehensive and latest module of OAuth 2.0.

9. Apache Hadoop

The Apache Hadoop comes in handy when you need to handle large data sets across a computer network by means of simplified programming models. This is because it allows distributed processing designs to scale up.

It stretches from a particular set of servers to plenty of other machines that offer local storage with computation features. For a reliable, distributed, and scalable web application Apache Hadoop is the answer since it is based on the accepted Map Reduce pattern.

10. Suave UI

Web applications designed in AngularJs can use Suave UI since it has the CSS definition, directives, and even the services useful to create UI in a quick and effective manner.

Pick up the best-suited AngularJS frameworks for UI, security, and testing purposes for the web application. The key lies in choosing the right one that precisely matches all aspects of the project.

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