Apply These 7 Secret Tips to Deal with Air Pollution in Pune

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Pune is the eighthmost populated city in India and also the secondlargest metropolitan city. Owing to the heavy population and busy traffic, the air in this city is polluted to a great extent. The quality of the air that people here breathe in is not good for their health as it can lead to several airborne diseases.

Air pollution in the city has risen to a level where people now need to avail treatment for the diseases caused due to this pollution. Some of them even go to the extent of getting hospitalized for treatment and use a Bajaj Finance health card or other such cards to meet the hospitalization expenses. The air quality index shows that pollution has reached a dangerous level. However, people living in the city have found various ways to protect themselves from the harsh effects of bad quality air around them. If you are still struggling to combat air pollution, here are a few secret tips to deal with the increasing pollution levels in the city.

Tips to Fight Outdoor Air Pollution

  1. Use a Face Mask

The first and most important way of saving yourself from polluted air is by using a mask on your face while stepping out of home. Any ENT specialist in Pune would advise people suffering from respiratory problems or cardiac problems to cover their mouth and nose properly using a cloth or face mask. Ever since there has been a covid outbreak, face masks have turned mandatory. So, it serves the dual purpose of fighting air pollution as well as staying safe from covid. It is better to follow these safety protocols in future also to deal with pollution.

If you are used to commuting by car, it’s best to use a car air purifier so that you can stay safe while travelling. You can also consider installing an air purifier at home. This way, you would be safe at least when indoors and in your car. However, you cannot help while you are outdoors.

If you are really worried about your health, then you should first begin the change. Shift to eco-friendly modes of transport like bicycle or electric vehicles. You can even consider walking so that you can contribute your bit to saving the environment and also stay fit. Be the change and motivate others also to join this transformation.

Pune is a big city with more than one route to travel from a source to destination. While choosing routes, opt for those that have less traffic so that you can stay safe from air pollution.

Tips to Fight Indoor Air Pollution

While the above-discussed ways can help you fight outdoor air pollution, here are a few ways in which you can reduce indoor pollution in Pune.

You can see that the exhaust fans at your home get black after some time. This is because of the smoke that gets deposited on the surface due to some cooking techniques. When this smoke particles settle in the air indoors and you happen to breathe in this air, you are likely to suffer from airborne diseases. It’s advised to opt for eco-friendly cooking methodologies to reduce indoor air pollution.

Growing as many indoor plants as possible can go a long way in reducing indoor air pollution. This way, you will have easy access to pure air for breathing when indoors.

As mentioned earlier, get a room air purifier installed at home so that it eradicates all indoor contaminants like particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, solvents and biological pollutants. Thus, you can get pure air for breathing.

The above tips are the best ways to keep yourself safe from air pollution in Pune. However, in spite of all these if you contract severe airborne illnesses, it’s always advisable to have a health card handy so that you can afford hospital expenses. Many health insurance companies like Bajaj Finance offer such cards. At the same time, ensure that you go green as much as possible to save the environment.

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