Are electric skateboards waterproof? And what you can do to make your skateboard waterproof?

electric skateboards waterproof

Most of the electric skateboards, however, are not waterproof. A few of the boards, however, are water-resistant. Electric skateboards that are water-resistant will not allow water to enter easily. As a result, if you drive on a slick road, your skateboard should not break. However, if you skate through puddles or even immerse your board in water, water will almost certainly get to the electric components.

Using a motorized longboard on wet roads is not always a smart idea. When the surface is wet, it becomes extremely slippery. Making turns may be quite hazardous. If you’re a newbie, avoid riding in the rain or while it’s damp. More experienced riders may accept the risk; nevertheless, wear your helmet and be cautious.

Which electric skateboards are truly waterproof?

Riders can use the board in particular situations, such as after rain on damp ground, thanks to the IP55 water resistance grade. You can’t use the board if it’s raining heavily or if it’s submerged in water. Nonetheless, we urge that you keep the board in an excellent dry condition at all times to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

What kind of electric skateboards are waterproof?

Waterproof implies that the deck can be immersed entirely underwater for extended periods of time and not have a single drop of water penetrate the inside. IP 65 classifies a skateboard as waterproof.

Here are several examples:

•  Onan booster (IP 65)

•  Mellow (IP 65)

Way to waterproof your Electric Skateboard:

You may boost the waterproofness of your electric skateboard in a variety of ways. The greatest of them is to use a high-quality waterproof silicone or sealer to plug up any gaps, fissures, or other areas where water may enter your board’s delicate electrics. Another option is to make use of neoprene foam. Neoprene foam is completely waterproof, making it the ideal material for keeping water out of your battery or ESC compartments.

Advice for Riding an Electric Skateboard in Wet Environment:

Skating your electric skateboard in the rain is not the same as riding it when the sun shines and there are no rainy roads.

Wet Pants And Shoes:

Another you may not have considered while deciding to shred some wet roads is that your jeans and shoes may become saturated. Furthermore, the wheels on your board will splatter dirt and filth all over the place.

The grip of a Slippery Road:

On a wet road, it doesn’t take much water to modify the grip of your board’s wheels. The sensation is drastically different, the friction level drops, and your wheels are more prone to slip and slide this manner and that. This can be making riding your skateboard in the rain a little risky, so keep an eye on your speed, carving, and turning in these situations.

Shallow Or Deep Puddles:

Puddles may be dangerous on electric skateboards, especially if they are higher than you think or if you don’t notice them at all.

Puddles not only dump a load of water on the most vulnerable parts of your motorized skateboard, but they also immediately halt whatever forward motion you have when riding through them.