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At-Home Gel Nail Kits are not Hard to Use as You Think

At-Home Gel Nail Kits are not Hard to Use as You Think 

Gel manicured nails are what every woman chases. They love to make their hands look luxurious with the perfect gel nails. While doing cleaning, household chores such as washing dishes, dusting, etc., damage the nails. Here at-home gel nail kits fit into the frame perfectly. However, there is some perception regarding home gel nail manicures. Few think it doesn’t work similarly to the salon ones. Well, every person’s experience may differ. However, most home gel nail manicures are done without any difficulty and stay long. Quality is the key as a good quality will remain longer.

Let’s know how to make your home gel nails fall in the right direction! 

Step 1. Nail Prep – Do Not Skip

Before starting, just ensure that you get some patience. Doing it with ease of mind will surely make your home manicure successful. So, the first step is to wash your hands, cut the nails, and let your nails dry. Don’t apply any lotion to your hands as the moisture doesn’t allow gel nails to stick well. 

Step 2. Rubbing Alcohol Onto Nails

Well, apply alcohol to your nails for at least 30 seconds. Soak your nails in alcohol and then rub your nails. Once it’s done, use a clean, soft cloth to get rid of wetness completely. You might be thinking, why use alcohol? It actually dehydrates the nails. The option is not compulsory for everyone but just keep in mind that your nails are cleaned properly.

Step 3. Base Coat

The base coat should be very light & thin so that it doesn’t take time to cure. Otherwise, one needs to cure the nails twice with a UV lamp. If you don’t have a lamp, then no biggie, as now you can get the lamp in the gel nails starter kit. Plus, make sure to follow the care instructions of your lamp. 

Step 4. Time to Polish

Time to apply the thin gel nail polish coat to your nails. When looking for the best at-home gel nail kits, be certain that the kit includes a quality gel nail coat. However, don’t be afraid if the first quote is a bit streaky. Put your nails in acetone to clean any additional polish stuck to your surrounding skin & cuticles. Then cure the gel nail polish in your UV lamp. Apply the second coat if it’s necessary; otherwise, leave it. 

Step 5. Protect

It happens when the topcoat goes a little runny, and the excess will drip off to the nail’s edges. The advice is to apply with peace of mind and don’t make it rush. If you go slowly, the right amount of coat is applied. As you see, the edges are covered with a top coat, then clean with a thin angled brush and use the lamp again. 

Step 6. Wipe off Sticky Residue

The last yet hilarious mistake we make when applying gel nails for the first time is touching the sticky nails. If there is some stickiness, then wipe lightly with a towel that is dipped in alcohol to get rid of it. 

A Glimpse of First Time Concerns

➤Apply the thick base coat 

➤ Overlook the gel polish to drip onto the surrounding skin, cuticle, or edges.

➤ Apply the lotion that makes the nail sticky before even applying the foundation coat. 

➤Ignore the quality and realize later. So don’t overlook the quality of home-gel manicure kits as they stay for over ten days and can be stretched if cared for properly. 

The Bottom Line 

Home gel nail manicure may take some time when doing it for the first or second time. But afterward, you will nail it successfully. However, it’s always better to follow the steps with patience & concentration. 

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