Attract your Customers with Stunning Mascara Packaging


Every week, a lot of mascara products get launch in the cosmetic industry, which pushes the retailers to enhance their shelf capacity. This also enforces the cosmetic brands to fight for the front shelf space in order to get noticed because there is always a risk of getting lost in the crowd. A proper design of the mascara packaging assures you that your products will win the center-and-front shelf space to get noticed by visitors. The design is not about putting everything in you seem attractive; rather, it requires careful consideration and thought process. Employing a few proven approaches as your baseline can effectively help you in creating a stunning box design. 

Choose beautiful typographic styles:

The fonts play a decisive role in making your custom mascara boxes look amazingly appealing. But, you need to be careful in their selection process as they determine the legibility of your literal message and portray the personality of your brand. A lot of manufacturers end up losing the attraction ability of their boxes only because they utilize some kitschy typefaces. Ranging from the font size to its style, you need to pay dedicated attention and choose them for the audience you are targeting. The fonts such as roman style, monospace, and sans serif are the best choice to give your packages a more vibrant look and improve the readability for people with disabilities like dyslexia. Similarly, you can employ headline fonts if you want to be more attention-grabbing and reflect the credibility of your brand in the market segment. 

Capitalize with packaging texture:

For a lot of manufacturers, only the visible aspect of the mascara box matters, but the customers do not think like that. Although they get attract by the visual design elements, they consider the finishing of the packaging too. It is for this reason they always seem interested in touching and feeling the box prior to making the final decision concerning the product purchase. So, if your box is pleasanting for touching and feels smoother, the clients might be motivate to keep their hands on your product for longer. Moreover, the textured packaging also indicates the premium nature of the items that result in some instant conversions.

While adding a haptic appeal to your box, make sure that the texture describes the original nature of your cosmetic product. If it is natural, you can use embossing and deboss for a more earthy and raw texture. For a more impressive texture, you can also consider using a soft-touch coating that will provide an amazing experience once the visitors put their hands on the box. 

Be more transparent:

The “clean box” trend is booming in the cosmetic industry right now, and it is also expected to last in the future. This is mainly because the clients are becoming increasingly concerned about the misleading and false advertisements by a lot of manufacturers, especially the ones providing mascara products. There is an increased desire among the buyers to make more knowledgeable choices, so capitalize by giving your mascara box a transparent look. Of all the techniques, die-cutting is the best, which involves the operation of dies to cut the box from a side and insert a transparent PVC sheet on that side.

This technique is a sure way to win the faith of clients and increase their dependency upon you since it permits them to preview the mascara product without any barrier in front. Another way to be more transparent with your mascara packages is to use minimalistic designs that educate the customers well instead of serving as the cause of their mind’s confusion. 

Innovative structure:

The shape of the box plays a significant role in gaining the attention of customers, especially for mascara products. Look around the cosmetic industry from a customer point of view. You will find it completely filled with rote packaging shapes, which have become the source of boringness among the customer base. Make your mascara packages a bit curvy and cylindrical, just like the bottles, as they stand more chance of bringing innovativeness and creativeness. Give a more personal touch to your box shape by making it best for presentational and protection purposes. The round shapes, for instance, work best in upping the presentation game of the mascara products. In the meanwhile, they also reduce the chances of any damage as the surface area will decrease on which the damaging factors could attack. 

Add lovely color themes:

The best design for the mascara packages is that which can communicate what kind of product is inside because a lot of clients get attracted towards it. Colors have a high impact on the behavior of shoppers and trigger certain responses in them, which ultimately help in gauging the inside contents. Use shades such as pastels, black, gold, and white, for instance, if your mascara items give a more luxurious and premium vibe. For a comprehensive lead over your competitors, you can use CMYK and PMS color models that let you decide the colors that match your product persona and reflect your brand personality as well.

These models have a wide range of colors and let you select a lovely color scheme for your box design that matches the likings of your audience as well. As a result, these schemes will work to catch the eyes instantly and build the interest of clients in your mascara products. 

The attraction of the clients is no longer a bigger deal as long as you are maintaining the appeal of your mascara packaging. Some typographic styles and textures go a long way in making it legible from a distance. Other than that, the transparency factor, along with the beautiful box shape, also serves a great deal in putting your products besides their competitors.