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8 Awesome Tattoo Shops In New York City | You Must Know

8 Awesome Tattoo Shops In New York City | You Must Know 

There is some invisible connection between Tattoos and New Yorkers, which is non-interpretable. It is something which New Yorkers can only feel. Maybe it is because some of the world’s best tattoo artists are from this place. 

So if you are residing in NYC, roll your sleeves up and brace yourself because some of the world’s best tattoo shops are here only. Keep an eye out on the below section to find out some recognized tattoo shops in NYC. 

Top 8 Tattoo Shops In The New York City

Did you know that the first tattoo parlor opened up in 1870 in NY, whereas the first rotary electric tattoo equipment arrived in 1891? So it is evident that tattooing is the lifeblood of New Yorkers. From photo-realism and classical American arts to Lady Gaga Tattoos, you will get a myriad of styles here. 

Moreover, being the planet’s largest media hub, the tattoo industry here is packed with celebrity supporters. Thus, misleading information often flows to those outside NY or the newbies. To assist you in choosing the right parlor, we have brought a list of the 8 best tattoo shops in NYC.    

1. DareDevil Tattoo

Located at 141 Division St Ste 2, their specialty service is American Traditional arts. If you are a history buff, I am sure you would fall in love with this place. The best things about DareDevil Tattoo are its vegan-free ink, antique machines, and creations of innovators like Sailor Jerry. 

The cost range starts from $200 per hour for personalized designs and $100 per hour for standard designs.

2. JonBoy Tattoo

If you want to ink your beloved’s name on your wrists, then this site is ideal. So what’s the specialty here? – The Minimal dainty Tattoos. JonBoy has been delivering classic, simple, artistic, and fashionable art pieces for over 18 years. His collaboration with Justin Bieber and Post Malone is widely known in NYC. 

The minimum bucks you need to spend in 485 7th Avenue’s JonBoy studio is $300.  

3. Three Kings Tattoo

One of the most preferred tattoo parlors in NYC is Matt Marcus’s Three Kings Tattoo at 343 E 10th St. If you want to get your tattoo done by professionals at a traditional studio, then this is your destination. The 15 permanent tattoo artists and world-famous guest artists have their own specialties that will amaze you. 

You can individually consult with them to get some tattoo suggestions that you might have never thought of, in addition to the $100-$200 preliminary deposit. The price per hour starts at $80 up to $175. 

4. Studio 28 Tattoos

If you are interested in piercings along with tattoos, Studio 28 is there for you at 108 W 28th Street. The initial price is $150, which is affordable as well, while the rate per hour is $220. Half and Full Sleeve, repair works, old and new schools are some of its range of specialties. They hold a standard of providing safe, comfortable, and hygienic piercing and tattoo services. The designers here will also take you through many unique arts and designs other than the same boring ones.   

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5. Bang Bang

They are specialized in micro tattoos at a different level. The minimum price here starts from $500 with a 25% initial deposit, but it varies a little from one artist to another. You may get amazed to know that Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy here serves the VIPs, mainly Biebs and Rihanna. You will find them easily on328  Broome Street and  62 Grand Street. 

6. Grit N Glory

Apart from being a Rocking Boutique, it provides Tattoo services as well that go with the outfit collections here. Megan Massacre’s Tattoo designs are the true definition of art, spirit, and style. However, this place at 186 Orchard Street is famous for awesome Colour tattoos. It charges $250 – $400 per hour. 

7. Kings Avenue Tattoo

Mike Rubendall invented the 2nd tattoo parlor on Bowery after the Long Island. Hourly you have to pay $250 here, and the deposits begin at $100. Its 2nd floor has ten tattoo stations that provide you with some appreciated styles like bodysuits and full/half sleeves. 

8. East River Tattoo

The sea navigators will get the best experience in this ink hub at Manhattan Avenue as they are recognized in NYC for hand-pokes. The place reflects traditional maritime folk styles through its distinctive designs. If you are in plan to get flash art tattoos, make sure to visit them on weekends only. The minimum fee here is $150. 


So that’s all! The top-ranking tattoo shops in the NY city, along with their details, are mentioned above for you. You only need to understand what your preferences are and get in touch with them accordingly. Lastly, feel free to ask us any queries in the comment area below. We will be more than happy to solve your doubts.

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