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Benefits of Energy-Based Treatments and Vaginal Rejuvenation in 2022

Benefits of Energy-Based Treatments and Vaginal Rejuvenation in 2022 

We’re here to tell you that your lady parts are amazing. But more importantly, they aren’t just for sex. Women’s health and body image are becoming increasingly important and if you want to improve something about yourself, it would be wise to do it before others start making fun of you! Topical empowerment is at the heart of this piece. We don’t seem to try to convince you one way or another, but if you decide that your relationship with your period provides feelings of shame and embarrassment, we will provide some motivation.

Don’t ignore the symptoms of a problem with your genitals if they bother you. With so many options out there, you can choose health improvements that are right for you. It can be difficult to try to address issues in your private area, but you deserve to know the possibilities available and would help you practice being confident in your body. Solving these problems is meant for people that are comfortable with themselves and their bodies.

Non-Invasive Treatments for Women

Globally, women are growing increasingly demanding, with no interest in surgical treatment options. There are currently a limited number of treatments for women’s intimate health that are safe and effective.

Let Viveve Solutions help you

The Viveve System is an innovative non-surgical treatment for vaginal laxity that significantly heats the tissue at depth without damaging the skin. The Viveve System is different from other systems in its capacity to provide precise heat on a precise area, rather than general heating or freezing of the entire area. This also means exposing the tissue to higher levels of heat more often, with indications that it can have a better effect on neocollagenesis. One session can be enough to get desirable results. The Viveve System has been FDA-approved for coagulation and hemostasis in the United States.

The Viveve Treatment

That may sound like some mumbo-jumbo, but it’s actually the exciting new VIVEVE TREATMENT. This revolution in treating various vaginal and urinary conditions is achieve through a patented cryogen-cool radiofrequency device that rebuilds natural collagen and supports the urethra. The system is design to treat women with urinary incontinence; it’s often cause by ruptured support in the bladder or birth-related prolapse. Other medical conditions that can cause this symptom are multiple sclerosis, pelvic floor damage from surgery, Parkinson’s disease, constipation, and obesity. The opening and widening of vaginal tissue after childbirth, with age or due to hormonal changes.

How Does Viveve Treatment Work?

Vaginal rejuvenation with the Viveve System binds to your body’s natural collagen to help restore tautness lost due to age or childbirth. For anyone with issues impacting their sexual confidence, health, or satisfaction due to vaginal laxity or incontinence, pelvic floor therapy can help.

The Viveve procedure is painless and delivers cryogen-cooled radiofrequency waves to heat fibrous structures, without providing too much heat on sensitive surface tissues. This patented & gentle process is more gentle on the body than comparable procedures. It only takes one treatment of 45-to-75 minutes and can provide long-lasting results.

What are energy-based treatments?

Energy-based treatments don’t require surgery and focus on using heat. The device heats the targeted tissue and provides relief without breaks or discomfort. Energy-based devices are used for a bunch of different treatments, and lately, Vaginal rejuvenation Portland. When used in the vagina, the goal is to increase collagen, blood vessels looseness, and lubrication.

Vaginal Rejuvenation with Viveve Treatment?

Vaginal rejuvenation can do for a number of reasons. This procedure can do to help with aging, like lack of tightness or urinary incontinence, or for cosmetic purposes. These treatments are often complete with the use of nonsurgical energy-base procedures.

This unique procedure, formerly call Geneveve, is a painless and gentle treatment that’s been shown to improve many aspects of vaginal function. It usually takes less than an hour and has lifelong benefits.

The different types of energy-based treatments for vaginal rejuvenation are Cryotherapy & Radiowave Vaginal Rejuvenation.

There are two types

  • RF therapy: These treatments use electromagnetic waves to generate heat in the tissue. It can be use in devices like Geneveve by Viveve and Therm.
  • CO2 laser treatment: the laser heats continuously from the skin surface, going through all skin layers. As a result, collagen production increases in the lower layers and skin becomes tight and firm again. The three popular CO2 lasers are MonaLisa Touch®, FemTouch™, and FemiLift.

How much does viveve cost?

The average cost of a Viveve treatment is roughly $3,000 but can range from $1,000 – $6,000 depending on factors such as time and where the procedure takes place. With this in mind, it’s important to know that insurance does not cover these costs because vaginal rejuvenation is an elective.

Is viveve safe?

Viveve is painless and low risk but provides significant benefits. It is an FDA-approved treatment with clinically-proven evidence of efficacy in improving: Vaginal laxity

How effective is viveve?

Viveve is one of the safest and most effective tissue-rebuilding & minimizing devices on the market. You can see results very quickly and it’s been clinically proven, as well as providing a 98% patient satisfaction rate in 2018.

Is this treatment permanent?

No. You will need to go back and have these energy-based treatments done over a period of time to maintain the desired aesthetic result.

I am not sure if you are asking whether your insurance covers vaginal rejuvenation or who will cover the cost of vaginal rejuvenation?

Most insurance companies don’t cover vaginal rejuvenation if it’s done as a cosmetic procedure. However, some insurance providers will pay for this type of therapy if it’s medically necessary or for those who suffer from anxiety and depression. Talk to your provider about the coverage your plan offers for this therapeutic treatment.

So, how long do I need to wait to have sex after vaginal rejuvenation treatment?

Allow at least 2-3 days of recovery time before having sex. If there are signs of vaginal or bladder infections or significant bleeding, wait for evaluation by professional medical staff.

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