Best cities in England and the United Kingdom to travel

The United Kingdom is one of the most visited countries in Europe. It has a lot of interesting cities, starting with London, its fantastic capital. If you like to combine urban tourism with visits to nature, it seems a wonderful destination. Most of the cities on our list are in England, but we’ve also included locations from other nations. In short, read on to discover which are the 12 best cities in England and the United Kingdom.


We couldn’t start the list of the best cities in England for any other! London is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe and the capital of the United Kingdom. If it is your first visit to the country, it would be almost a sin not to spend at least four days in London.


Famous for being the birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool is another of the best cities in England. There are many places related to the history of one of the most famous music bands in history. Your tour cannot miss a stop at Cavern Club, where they performed for the first time in 1961, or the interactive museum The Beatles Story to discover all its secrets. Liverpool city centre has several interesting buildings. For example, you can go up to the Royal Liver Building to see the city from a bird’s eye view. We also recommend taking a boat trip on the River Mersey or discovering the museums of Albert Dock and a former warehouse area converted into the cultural heart of Liverpool.


Very close to Liverpool, we also recommend visiting Manchester. It was the first industrial city in the world in the 18th century, with many factories that brought a lot of wealth. It continues to be an important economic engine of the country; that is why it is nicknamed “the capital of the north.” Many old warehouses in the Northern Quarter have been converted into bars and restaurants. Don’t miss this cool area. There is no shortage of spectacular buildings such as the Manchester City Hall or Cathedral. Other almost sacred places for football lovers are the stadiums of Manchester United and Manchester City, the two clubs in the city. You can book a Manchester airport taxi for the airport.


The UK has some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Cambridge is one of them, founded in 1209. It is divided into several colleges that have impressive architecture. Of course, it would help if you did not miss the Gothic Chapel of Kings College. However, the best way to discover the best corners of the university is to join a guided tour taught by students.

You can also discover the fantastic botanical garden of the university or take a relaxing boat trip on the River Cam. Despite being a city full of students, getting lost in the streets of Cambridge, you will find many corners full of peace.


Norwich is another of the best cities in England thanks to its fascinating history. Strolling through its streets that are more than 1000 years old is an ideal plan for an excursion from London. Its small size makes it easy to explore Norwich in one day. Its attractive star is undoubtedly the Romanesque-style cathedral with impressive cloisters.

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 Brighton, one of the best cities in England with a beach

One of the best cities in England to spend the summer in Brighton. At the very least, it’s one of the busiest places for beach-seeking Londoners. And it is that it is only an hour by train from the British capital.

In addition to its privileged location on the coast with attractive beaches, the city has attractions for the whole year. Its pier has some attractions, such as the famous Santa Monica Pier inĀ Los Angeles. There is also a very good atmosphere on the promenade, with food stops and some street vendors. Another Brighton icon is the Royal Pavilion, an impressive royal residence inspired by oriental architecture.

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York goes straight to the best cities in England. Although it may seem somewhat secluded from the country’s main cities, it is a couple of hours by train from London or an hour and a half from Manchester. So there is no excuse not to visit it!

The York Minster is the main attraction, Only to see this architectural gem worth the trip! It is the largest medieval cathedral in northern Europe. Beyond the cathedral, the narrow, winding streets within the historic walled area will transport you back to the 13th century.

Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities 

We left England to talk about the Scottish capital. It is undoubtedly one of the best cities in the UK and also in Europe. Edinburgh has a magical atmosphere that will make you travel mentally to medieval times and feel like the protagonist of a good fictional story. 

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You are unfortunate enough to be in the shadow of Edinburgh, but Scotland’s second most populous city is also very cool. We are talking about Glasgow, which experienced its heyday in the 19th century. Back then, the factories were running at full speed, and they left a lot of wealth in the city. As a result, you can see wonderful examples of Victorian architecture, for example, in Buchanan Street, the main commercial artery of Glasgow.

Other places that you cannot miss are the cathedral, surrounded by a spectacular cemetery, and the cloister of the University of Glasgow, where some movies have even been shot. It is also a city with many cool museums. In addition, it is an ideal starting point for excursions to some of the best most beautiful places in Scotland.


To end our list of the best cities in England and the United Kingdom, we talk about the capital of Wales. Cardiff is a city of contrasts. Its historic centre dominated by an 11th-century castle contrasts with the ultra-modern seafront. Sailing lovers should not miss World of Boats, a very cool collection of boats from around the world. Rugby is also very passionate about.