The Best Video Games Of 2021 You Should Not Avoid To Play

Successfully managed PS5, Xbox series X / S and Switch, video game industry is still recording record numbers. Here is our selection for the best video games that should not be missed this year on consoles, PCs and smartphones.

Please note that this selection will evolve over a period of several months and will be updated regularly according to the preferences of CNUUS editorial staff and our partner Jux Vido Magazine.

Resident IL Will Village


The eighth episode of the famous horror story, made 25 years ago, Resident Evil Village turns us into a former European city. The protagonist of this adventure, Ethan Winters, will go in search of his daughter Rose, who was kidnapped by the mysterious mother Miranda and her excited Cronis.

From the start, the RE8 monsters slowly pop up around and shoot at something that Ethan shoots with first person visuals giving the feeling of an FPS game because there are so many gunfights out there. Shotgun is our best friend here. It does not hinder this new opus for the purpose of traveling with dark, sometimes suffocating environments. An atmosphere thanks to the ultra-realistic illumination effect for a beautiful view with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Beautiful, intense, sometimes a bit scary, this episode is a shooter in “horror movie” mode rather than the horror of surviving aging even after it has become very “action” based. Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC and Resident Evil Village at Stadia, Further PUBG Mobile is one of the best video games. The top PUBG players make it more famous.

Monster Hunter Reese

Monster Hunter Reese

Long limited to Asia and especially Japan, Saga, born in 2004, was a worldwide success in 2013 with more than 2004 million sales of Monster Hunter: World on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC 1. Based on this success, Japanese publisher Capcom has therefore come back with an exclusive new hunting adventure with the Nintendo console. It’s hard not to be blurred by the graphic quality of the game from the first minute.

The Monster Hunter formula and amity park remained unchanged but the editor did not play the recycling card. If you subscribe to the Nintendo Switch online service, you can also go hunting alone or in groups to play online games locally.

Monster Hunter Rise is one of those best video games that needs to enjoy a truly personal investment. There is a price to be paid for discovering an incredibly rich universe.
Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom, On Switch.

Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World

Nintendo continues to port its mascot to switch to the best video games. Mustachio is on the switch with Super Mario 3D World this February, it was released in 2013 on the title WeiU and it is back with a bonus adventure: Bowers Fury.

For players who missed this game a few years ago, let’s remember that Super Mario 3D World mixes the best 2D and levels designed to explore like the 3D world. A special choice that took a completely different turn since the unforgettable Super Mario 64 (1996) sets the story apart.

If some players regret not being able to play Super Mario 3D World in the Super Mario 3D All-Star collection release late last year, their expectations have finally been the reward. Like any good Mario game, this Opus deserved its place in the Switch game library, while the commercial failure of the Wii U did not suggest the success that this game could have deserved. In 2021, Mario is in great shape in a rich and user-friendly game that has the luxury of giving a new story through even the most successful Bowser Fury. A good way to wait for the next episode of the mousechauid guy’s adventure in the blue tub. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser Fury, Nintendo, Switch On.

It takes two

It takes two games

Can’t stand your other half? These two invite you to reconnect with her in a fun, intense and intelligent adventure. Remember, you saw him that way too … everyone was close to him. After Brothers A Tale of Two Son (2013) and then Way Out (2013), artist Joseph Fares presents a new and amazing adventure that the couple decided to separate. An original game that only two people can play …

May and Cody are a tired couple on their way to a nervous breakdown. They can’t stand for this life of a couple that they suffer more than anything else. Their youngest daughter Rose does not want her parents to divorce her like all children do. With the help of a magic book in the book of love, he tries to bring his parents back in a strange way. A few tears are enough to transform the confused parents into wooden and angry dolls thrown into the extravagance.

Placed on the basis of symbols of mutual support and cooperation, it allows two to two players to live a unique experience by creating a true bond between the two heroes. Without being original, the idea has the potential to be perfectly balanced and renew in an intelligent and fun way.

It takes akes on the PS4, Xbox One and PC (PS5 and Xbox Series X / S compatible) to 2, Electronic Arts akes

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Medium game

When horror video game experts come up with an exclusive adventure with the Xbox Series X / S, the results are bound to be cool. Medium is the exclusive title for the new Xbox Series X / S console and PC.
The adventure began in the late ’90s, in Krakow (Poland), at a small funeral home. It was here that Marian said goodbye to her adoptive father. This is where the player realizes that the young woman has certain abilities. He can truly communicate and transfer to the spiritual world. A skill that translates to certain passages on the screen where the action is visible simultaneously on both planes. Original.

Again, the Blubber team identifies the dark designs and springs of the human soul in the sometimes cool but still tempting adventures that have already persuaded many players around the world. It has already persuaded many gamers around the world. It’s shamefully on top of the best video games of the year.
Xbox Series X / S and Medium on PC, Blubber Team.

5 strikers


Available on PS4 and Switch, Persona 5 Strikers still takes us to Tokyo where we find all the heroes of Persona 5 Royal (2020) who have completed their search in a parallel world that has “polluted” the city of Japan, vice, condemned corruption and crime Hunted the real world.

If fans of Persona 5 and situs slot deposit pulsa tanpa potongan find their mark quickly, Atlas envisioned the sequel in another gameplay framework, as editor Koye Techmore asked the teams to give us action-based titles. Understand that the fights are in real-time and in the face of a force of enemies hitting more around them.

After becoming a reference video game for all J-RPG fans, Persona 5 provides a great sequel with the strikers, capable of captivating new viewers accustomed to further action. However, you have to invest yourself in appreciating this new scene, built like a road trip under acid, its pop monster, and its trendy world, the true social chronicle of our connected era.
Persona 5 Strikers, PS4 and Switch Atlas.