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Category: Health

Keeping Fit in Brisbane

Keeping Fit in Brisbane 

We have all heard the importance of keeping fit and healthy. Lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and overall improvement in the standard of your living, there is denying that a healthier life is a better life. A lot of us have fallen off the health…


The Problem of Frequent Urination 

You chugged back a whole jug of water or drank a little too much coffee, and now you are squirming to go to the loo; that’s normal. You are very pregnant and are peeing constantly, that’s normal too! However, frequent urination becomes a problem when…

hot flashes

Foods that help in reduction of hot flashes 

Nearing menopause, women are plagued by a number of uncomfortable symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, sleep problems, and vaginal dryness. Experts like gynecologists in Islamabad, recommend lifestyle changes that can alleviate these annoying symptoms. One of such changes that can…

Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal Methods 

People are considering a long-term solution. However, the method of permanent removal comes at a cost. The proven method that provides complete stability is electrolysis and permanent hair loss, which the FDA calls laser treatment. Electrolysis Electrolysis is a procedure that has to be performed…

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