Check your internet connection speed for slow connections

Before getting a new computer, I was always complaining about the speed of my internet connection. I’m on the wired internet and couldn’t understand why my speed is still slow and why I’m getting more and more frustrated with being online. This was unacceptable to me when I was writing to make a living and I had to make changes. So I thought it was time to check the internet connection speed. What I didn’t realize was that my internet speed was more related to my computer than the type of service I had.

There are sites where you can check the speed of your internet connection. Broadband internet connections are unifi speed test in places like and, to name a few. I don’t know how accurate they are, but to me most are a bit of a stretch. If your ISP promises to have a specific download / upload speed range, ask your ISP for the tests you want to use for verification.

Sometimes the results you receive and their accuracy really depend on the location of the test site and its proximity to you. It is also related to programs running on your computer, such as antivirus programs and malware / spyware programs, which slows down downloads even among bandwidth-intensive programs.

And one thing ISPs really don’t want to admit is that if you’re using your computer during prime time, it’s much slower than advertising. Your ISP promises fast downloads, but it doesn’t tell you that you’re sharing bandwidth with your neighbors or that you’re in a particular section of your IP range. Therefore, if they are all on at the same time, their speed will be much slower.

However, I learned that the connection was supposed to be super fast, but it wasn’t because of the computer. If your computer cannot process information quickly and efficiently, increasing the speed of your Internet connection will not be very effective. The information is input to the computer at the required speed, so the internet connection speed test shows that everything is fine, but if the processor is old, the computer will not be able to display the information at the required speed.

When I got a new computer, I ran a routine to check the speed of my internet connection. I soon realized that I was dissatisfied with what I was doing wrong. My internet connection speed was the same, but the pages were loading much faster than my old computer. My wife bought me a laptop for use in her work, and when she saw how fast it was going, she didn’t want to use our old desktop model anymore .. He couldn’t handle the slow processing, so he had to go out and use his new desktop.

Those who want to see more internet connection speeds may not need to buy a new computer, but in most cases they will. However, while replacing a processor with a faster one can help, it can cost about as much as buying a new computer if you don’t need to have a top-of-the-line computer. I have. In any case, if your internet connection is slow, it may be just the computer used to connect to the internet, not because of your slow provider. If you buy a new computer and things aren’t what you want it to be, it may be time to call your supplier to see if there’s anything else wrong.