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Common Yoga Symbols, Meaning &  Their Significance

Common Yoga Symbols, Meaning & Their Significance 

Ancient texts and scriptures are full of yoga symbols. However, in present times, modern yoga has commercialized various yoga symbols without understanding their deeper meaning. Even yoga practitioners use different yoga signs to show their love and dedication to yoga without truly understanding them. Here’s a little glimpse into the world of yoga symbolism to know about different yoga symbols, meaning, and their significance.

Before moving on, let’s first understand what are yoga symbols. Furthermore, get to know how to truly use yoga signs to reap their maximum benefits. Keep reading.

What are Yoga Symbols?

A graphical or visual representation of an idea or concept that has deeper meaning is termed yoga symbols. Yoga symbols take yoga practitioners away from the known and into the realm of the unknown.

Ancient yoga gurus sculpted various yoga symbols to raise your awareness and take you into the realm of higher consciousness. Moreover, yoga symbols help in the formation of deep relationships with various aspects or elements of yoga.

Having knowledge about various yoga symbols is a different story. However, knowing how to use various yoga signs is an entirely different process. Using yoga signs in an efficient manner ensures you reap the maximum benefits out of it. Let’s learn about using yoga symbols in the most effective way.

Ways to Use Common Yoga Symbols

  • Incorporate yoga sign into your wardrobe
  • Make jewelry with yoga sign inscribed on it
  • Have a decorative piece with a yoga symbol over it
  • Placement of more than one yoga symbol in your workspace or home

The basic idea is to place different yoga about which you have in-depth knowledge in your surrounding. With this, your attention goes again and again over to different yoga types to raise your awareness and inspire your soul. However, plenty of people join different yoga courses to have a better understanding of yoga, meaning and yoga philosophy.

In case you feel the same, you can join 200 hour yoga teacher training for starters to have solid knowledge about various elements of yoga.

Common Yoga Symbols Meaning & Significance

Let’s explore some of the most common yoga signs, their meaning, and their significance in common life. Keep reading.

  1. OM/AUM Symbol OM or AUM sound unifies every element in the Universe. Moreover, yoga practitioners believe that chanting OM opens the Third Eye that connects you with the Divine or Universal Energy. Also, OM has a deeper meaning and significance in the Hindu religion.
  2. Gyan Mudra Symbol The most common yoga symbol done while practicing meditation is the Gyan Mudra symbol. It looks more like an ‘OK’ sign in which you join your thumb and index finger leaving all the other fingers behind. This yoga symbol indicates the arrival and attainment of mental peace.
  3. The Mandala The Mandala yoga symbol represents a symmetrically perfect circle that signifies unity and harmony. Moreover, this yoga symbol also shows the wholeness within every living being. The outer circle that encloses every smaller circle means that you are aligned with the Universe.
  4. Lotus Flower Just like a new flower represents birth, the Lotus Flower signifies new beginnings in life. Moreover, they depict purity and attainment of knowledge. Furthermore, the roots of the Lotus Flower show the birth of something beautiful from the daily struggles of life.
  5. The Ganesh Symbol One of the most beloved Hindu deities, the Ganesh Symbol represents good luck and knowledge. It has a head of an elephant and the body of a man. Further, the Ganesh symbol is invoked to remove all the boundaries before initiating some new endeavors in life.
  6. Hamsa (Evil Eye) The Hamsa symbol is used to repel negative energy and protect yourself. Moreover, this symbol has significance in various religions and cultures that represent fertility and good luck.

Wrap Up

Whether you join any yoga course or head on to yoga vacations for beginners, yoga symbols are everywhere. These not just inspire you but are also important to purify a place. Moreover, there are many other yoga symbols that have much deeper meaning and significance. Make sure you read plenty of yoga books to know about their meaning. Then only using yoga types seem justified.

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