Critical Details to Know About iSeries High Availability AS400 Software

AS400 Software

It is not uncommon for some people to wonder what high availability tool they can use. But the truth is that there are many options offering unique and special benefits. One of the best in the market is AS400 high availability software.

For total data protection against both scheduled and unforeseen downtime events, iSeries AS400 high availability software delivers a real-time two-way replication of a production system to one or more recovery systems that are local, distant, or in the cloud.

It is a high-availability solution that protects one’s data and keeps an organization functioning in any circumstance. In an unanticipated production outage, IBM I HA software allows operations to continue on the failover system with minimum data loss and downtime. iSeries HA offers more security than iSeries DR (/iseries-dr) software, but not as much as Continuous Availability. IBM I High Availability software is designed for businesses that can’t afford more than a few minutes of downtime and need key iSeries applications to be online at all times.

IBM I High Availability Features.

  • Replication in both directions and to numerous systems
  • Scaling to the highest transaction volumes in the most demanding circumstances
  •  Maintaining data integrity.
  • Only replicates modifications for optimum efficiency and bandwidth savings.
  • Replication of data across and inside internal and external storage.
  • Simulates role swapping for failover testing (without impacting production).
  • Monitors the recovery system for illegal modifications and repairs them.
  • Autonomous self-healing capabilities reduce the need for daily monitoring.
  • Audit reports that are detailed and automated, as well as email notifications and SNMP alerts.
  • Allows queries and reports to be conducted on recovery systems.
  • Monitor and manage operations using an easy-to-use web interface.

The decades of knowledge and use of IBM technology are two main strengths of AS400’s high availability systems. It retrieves all data changes from production (even those that aren’t covered by remote journaling, such as database files, data regions, data queues, and so on) in a very efficient manner.

Even when the application process must be interrupted to allow other actions against the backup copy to be finished, AS400 journaling offers a near-zero “seconds” Recovery Point Objective (RPO). For example, when the application process is interrupted during maintenance operations such as a backup, production writes changes to a buffer on the recovery system.

Some of the most prevalent reasons to choose a High Availability solution over a Disaster Recovery solution:

  • Your goal is to recuperate in minutes, not hours.
  • When the target system goes into production, the target system must reproduce modifications to the original show.
  • The firm spends too much money on planned downtime events.
  • Role Swaps to and from numerous systems Replication to and from a switchable IASP

Optional Services

  • Configuration, installation, and training
  • Annual job swap testing is included in various tiers of managed services.
  • Preparation and testing for a role exchange
  • Unexpected help with a role swap
  • Optimization and adjustments
  • Upgrades, patches, and service packs are all available for software.

Disaster Recovery Requirements for the system:

OS400 V6R1 or later (production and target systems may be on various versions/release levels)