Data Science vs. Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence, data science, analytics, and machine learning are some technologies that are growing at an exponential rate. Organizations are looking for specialists who are capable of obtaining beneficial information from the immense amount of data that companies collect targeting their users. This set of technologies has revolutionized the market in unimaginable ways. You can master these technologies and use them efficiently with the help of numerous data science courses in Bangalore.

What is data science?

Data Science is a combination of numerous tools, algorithms, and machine learning policies with the goal to explore hidden patterns from the raw data. It is a concept used to deal with big data and includes data cleaning, preparation, and analysis. A data scientist accumulates data from various origins and employs machine learning, predictive analytics, and sentiment analysis to deduce crucial information from the gathered data sets. They interpret data from a business point of view and can provide reasonable insights that can be used to power significant business decisions. One can always take one of the numerous data science courses in Bangalore to understand this concept thoroughlyIt is an associative concept that uses scientific approaches, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data and implement knowledge and impliable insights from data across an extensive variety of application areas.

An expert who deals with data sets is known as a data scientist. We can define a data scientist as someone who can examine and analyze data to get the past trends and also extract some information that can be helpful for the organization in the future. It involves the use of different types of statistical and predictive modern techniques. Data scientists are capable of performing tasks on data that are not only large but also unstructured.

After extracting some meaningful information from the data stack, data scientists now have the ability to make decisions that can impact a business process by finding the patterns and trends from the data.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence in which various algorithms and data are used to build applications or machines that learn from fed data. They are self-learning algorithms and help improve the machine’s efficiency and accuracy without programming. It is a system in which machines learn from the data and their previous mistakes. Machines are made to work, think, and act like humans. These algorithms can work on the initial given data, also called “training data,” and build various mathematical models. These models can perform multiple tasks, such as deciding without any prior coding or commands.

A great example of machine learning technology implementation is Facebook. Facebook’s machine-learning algorithm converges behavioral knowledge for every user using that social media site. Based on one’s prior actions, i.e. posts liked, pages followed, screen-time on specific types of posts, the algorithm foretells interests and suggests items and notifications on the news feed. A similar procedure is obeyed when Amazon recommends products, or when Netflix recommends movies based on past engagements and interests; machine learning is at work.

Relation between data science vs. machine learning

Machine learning is a portion of data science that incorporates using the data science stack to generate distinct mathematical algorithms. There are many processes that a data scientist has to do, in a specific order, like data pre-processing and statistical analysis. However, machine learning does not demand any detailed or precise data to start the processing, it can work with both structured and unstructured data.

Although people tend to confuse machine learning and data science as the same thing, the basic aim of both technologies is to obtain meaningful information from the data that can be used for beneficial purposes. But if we study these subjects thoroughly with the help of some data science courses in Bangalore, they are entirely different, and machine learning is seen as a subset of data science.


Data science and machine learning are two really broad, associative fields involving multiple technologies in one place, that tackle the boundless masses of data and active power available to gain adequate information. Machine learning is one of the most compelling technologies in modern data science. It is a subset of data science.

The utilization of these technologies is immense. To get involved in data science, and practically understand these technology tycoons to use them for personal or professional gains, take a look at some data science courses in Bangalore.