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Different Types Of Plastic Molding: Why It Is Important?

Different Types Of Plastic Molding: Why It Is Important? 

If we exclude plastics from our life, then our life will become dull. There are many benefits and uses of plastics in our daily routine life. Plastics are lightweight, durable, and versatile. Plastics are in cell phones, cars, houses, bridges, and all electronic equipment. Professionals are using plastics in the construction industry, manufacturing industry, and more importantly in the packaging industry. With plastic packaging, we can protect and preserve different types of medicines, food items, and other products.

Plastics have a very important role in improving our modern living style. Now the question is, how are plastics made, and where we can use them? Generally, plastics are made of raw materials like natural gas, coal, salt, and crude oil. First of all, we extract raw materials from oil or gas to produce plastics. After that, the refining process comes in which we separate components of crude oil by heating it. The next step is polymerization in which we convert light gases into higher molecular weight hydrocarbons. After having plastic in raw shape, we have to customize it accordingly which is known as plastic molding.

There are different ways to customize plastics according to specific needs but the following are the most common and simple ways to customize plastics.

Extrusion Plastic Molding

There are different ways to customize plastics and extrusion molding is one of the most common ways of plastic molding. It is a process to convert liquid plastics into solid by providing various ranges of heat and pressure. Extrusion molding is best to create different types of plastics shapes. By following this process we can produce lengths of up to 60 feet. In this process, we just place raw material on a die, and the shape of the die will be the shape of the final product. This technique is good for PVC piping, hoses, and straws.

This is a very affordable, reliable, and cost-effective type of molding. It is the best option to create difficult and complex shapes. There are also some limitations to this process. For example, if you want to change the shape of a product, you have to arrange a new die for this. This process has some limitations but there are also other ways to produce a required plastic shape accordingly.

Rotational Plastic Molding

Rotational molding is also considered one of the authentic ways to customize plastics. It offers several benefits for professionals. It is also known as rotomolding and it is best for tanks and coolers. In this process, we place liquid or powdered plastic into a metal mold and rotate it. After some time, when the mold cools, the hardened shaped plastic is removed.

This is a very economical way of molding, and very little material is wasted during all this process. Through this process, we can get products with high quality, high durability, and high strength. This is best to produce storage tanks, playground slides, and car parts. If you are a professional and looking for plastics manufacturers, there are many plastic products manufacturers in Lahore. You can contact them to avail of their services.

Injection molding

If you need fast production, low labor rates, and low scrap rates then you should choose injection molding. This is one of the most common methods to produce different products from plastics. This is best method of molding, if you need products in bulk. Professionals always prefer this method due to its multiple advantages over other methods of molding. It is the most simple, reliable, and efficient way of molding. It is the process of making plastic parts by injecting plastic into a metal mold. After waiting for a while, we can open the mold to get the required product.

This is the modern type of plastics molding and it is best to produce high-volume plastic parts. Through this method, we can produce notable parts per hour. It is an automatic process in which there are low chances of labor costs and waste. One other big advantage of this technique is we can use fillers in the injection molds for better strength. In different fields of life, where we need strong plastic parts, we should consider injection molding.

Compression molding

Compression molding is a very simple way to customize plastic or rubber accordingly. It is a traditional technique to customize plastics, in which we poured liquid plastic into a heated mold and provide pressure to get the required shape. After cooling the liquid, we get the required shape. It is best to produce a variety of designs that can be used in different projects. It is best for small production runs and we don’t need any external tools in all this process. This technique is best if you want to produce large parts for different projects.

This process has many advantages but still has some drawbacks. Such As, it has a higher chance of post-molding costs, slow processing time, and more waste. Furthermore, it is not ideal for small parts and complex designs. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right type of plastic molding according to the specific needs and requirements of your project.

Benefits of molding

The use of plastic has been increasing in the last few years and now it has become an integral part of our lives. Due to its strength, low weight, versatility, and user-friendly designs the use of plastic has become very common now. Plastic is everywhere, in hospitals, in shopping malls and hotels, and in restaurants. One point is very important to know that we can’t use plastic directly. For Instance, we have to change its shape according to our specific needs and this process is known as molding of plastic.

Through molding, we can reshape plastic to fulfill our different needs and requirements. Through molding, we change raw plastic into useable parts and products. Later use these parts in different projects. One more big advantage of plastic is it can be recycled many times. Molding is a great process in which, we generate different shapes from raw plastic in different styles and colors. Plastic bottles, mobile covers, keyboards, all are examples of customized plastic.


Strong, lightweight plastic products make our live style better in many ways. We are using different types of plastic products in our daily routine life.  We are using, mobiles, computers, pet bottles, cars and other important equipment, all have plastics. Plastic is sustainable, portable, durable, and cost-effective. Many professional companies and pharmaceutical companies are also using plastic to pack different types of food and medicines. Plastic is considered one of the most authentic and reliable packaging materials.

There are countless benefits of plastic and plastics equipment. If you are looking for any kind of plastic product you can contact us. Our unit to produce high-quality plastic equipment including, pet bottle, hdpe bottle, and many more. We are using the latest technologies and tools for the molding process. We are working in this field for many years and have helped many companies via our professional services. You can call us or visit our office to learn more about plastics and their benefits. We will be happy to serve you.

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