Display Board Hire for Exhibition and Tradeshow – Consider Few Factors

display board hire
display board hire

Are you planning to hire a display board for your next trade show or exhibition in London? If yes, then here are a few tips for display board hiring in London. These tips cover a few of the most popular display board hire companies in the city. You can hire a display board from these companies and display your company’s products and services to a maximum number of customers.


Before hiring a display board, you need to have an idea of the specifications that you want. For example, do you want it to be portable, modular, static, semi-permanent, exhibition only, semi-permanent, etc?

This will help you get the best display board hire London services according to your budget. A static display board is the best if you need to give presentations regularly. For a more regular presentation, it is advisable to hire a dynamic display board which would change its display frequently.

Brand Promotion:

In addition to the factors such as display area, size, colour, shape, brand image, and price, you also need to take into consideration brand promotion. If your brand is well known, you should hire a branded board.

However, if your brand name is new in the market, it is advisable to hire a display board that is less branded. Therefore, in this case, it is important to hire the best display board company in London according to your budget.

Marketing Strategy:

Another important factor that should be considered while choosing a display board is the marketing strategy. Hiring a display board from a marketing company would increase your exposure within the exhibition grounds.

These companies hire the best display boards and can provide effective marketing assistance to your firm. Thus, it is wise to hire a top-rated display board company in London.

Hire Top-Rated Company:

Depending upon the nature of the products, it is better to hire a top-rated display board company in London. The large variety available at these companies allows the display board to display various brands and logos effectively. It also allows the display board to be static in one place for a longer duration of time compared to other types of display boards.

Advertising Campaigns:

It is important to hire top-quality display boards for exhibitions. The cost of the display is a very important factor in the overall advertising campaign. It is important to hire top-class companies. So, that the costs are reduced and the products get maximum exposure.

Different types of displays are used in trade shows. These include slides, video, inflatable, banner stand, exhibit board, and magnetic signs. Each one exhibits different features and functions.

Attractive Graphics and Color Schemes:

Many display board hiring in London companies has attractive display boards with attractive graphics and colour schemes. They display the information related to the company and its products and services prominently.

The top display board hire London company hire top professionals. So, that they can customize and design the display board in the company’s unique style. Thus, it becomes easy to promote the company effectively at exhibitions and tradeshows.

Do Your Complete Research for Top Display Board:

To hire top display board hiring in London, it is important to do research. Research on all the companies before hiring them. Visits to their showrooms and offices are also very helpful.

Exhibitions and tradeshows help in promoting the company and raising awareness about its products and services. This will create a positive effect on the overall marketing efforts of the company.

When it comes to hiring a display board in London, you will need to do some research to determine the rates and services offered by different display board hire companies. Some companies offer display board hire in London at competitive rates.

Moreover, some display board hire companies offer discounts and freebies for exhibitions. If you want to save some amount of money, you can choose display board hire services that offer low rates and affordable services.

Consultation Services:

Many display board hiring in London companies provides consultation services as well. They help in planning the marketing strategy for the company and help in placing the banners and posters in the appropriate places.

It is important to hire a professional company as their display board hires experience and knowledge will prove useful. Some companies even hire the services of graphic artists and corporate identity designers to ensure that the display board is designed in the company’s unique style and shape.

Eye-Catching Feature:

A company that has the right combination of design, experience, and expertise is the best display board hire option. A display board can be an eye-catching feature at an exhibition and can attract many visitors to it. However, the display board must be in the correct place and size at the right time.

The exhibition display board provides a good opportunity for a company to promote its products and services to the right target audience at exhibitions and tradeshows.

Meet Your Needs:

The next tip for display boards in London is to find a display board hires in London that meets your display board needs. To do this, you need to first find a display board London company that offers the type of display board that you need. A lot of display board hire companies offers custom-designed display board to meet all of your display board needs.

However, if you only want to display informational information, you can easily get the information display board that you need. You can also find display board hires in London that has custom printed graphic with your company logo and information.

Display Products in an Attractive Way:

You can make use of a display board to display your company’s logo and brand image in an attractive way. For instance, if you are running a clothing business, you can hire a display board in London to display your products and services. You can also display products at trade shows and fairs. Apart from the promotional effects, the display board will also allow customers to know about your company and services.

Types of Display Board:

There are different types of display boards in the market. It is important for you to make the right choice. The various types of display boards are:

  • brochure board
  • poster board
  • display board
  • exhibition display board
  • banner display board
  • wall unit display board
  • multi-display board
  • multi-unit display board

Each type has different features and you can use the display board according to the exhibition venues that you want to use it in.

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The boards are available in different sizes and shapes. They can be fixed on the walls or they can be mounted on the ceiling. The board’s surface can be lined or smooth. So, you can choose the one that will go well with your exhibition theme. You can contact the top-rated EMS-Events and get the one that will meet all your needs. You can choose the one that will suit the exhibition format and the size of your exhibit. Exhibition boards in London are easy to hire and you can have different types and styles to choose from according to your needs and the exhibition venue.