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Do’s and Don’ts of Web Development You Should Know About

Do’s and Don’ts of Web Development You Should Know About 

The web development landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. Do you think you can survive this dynamic era with some old-fashioned development principles? Certainly not! You need to keep up with the modern-day development techniques and avoid the mistakes that will hurt your progress. Since web application development plays a vital role in a company’s sustainability, you should pay great attention to it. In this article, we will discuss the dos and don’ts of web development in the current era. Keep reading to know more!

1. Do’s of Web Development:

What standards and rules should the developers follow while developing web applications? There are various techniques and etiquettes in the modern-day development world which the developers can use. We have compiled a list of absolute dos for developing effective web applications. Let us begin!

i) Create user stories:

Building websites for users is critically important in this day and age. What good would your website do to you if it is not user-friendly? The first and foremost important thing is defining your user and their goals. Once you know them, it is easier for you to create stories for them. Building for your users is not new advice, and you should take it.

Why would users waste their time configuring your confusing app while they have easier options available? With dozens of alternatives available in the market, they will click out of your app. To incorporate user-driven stories into your websites, you need to join hands with a professional web development company in Dubai.

ii) Build for a multi-screened world:

A plethora of new devices with varying screen sizes is hitting the market every day. Would it be wise to neglect all these devices and build web apps only for PCs? Not by any means! Most users are with mobile phones these days, and if you don’t adopt a mobile-friendly strategy, you are losing the game.

It is best practice to develop web apps for varied screen sizes, including PCs, laptops, and mobile phones. Most of your target audience is using mobile phones as a primary source of internet access, and you should keep up with the fact. You can win the game should you accommodate this factor in your work.

iii) Choose a good domain:

Would you like to choose a domain name with hyphens that are hard to spell or remember? A domain name carries utmost importance as it can either attract visitors or drive them away. A catchy and attractive name can significantly impact your customers, and developers should pay attention to it.

iv) Plan your website:

Try not to dive into web development without arranging it first. It would help if you distinguished your audience, gather the motivation behind your site, and how you will adapt it. Sketch out a site map that shows you the number of pages you will make and how they connect. Choose which data is the most fundamental and give that need.

v) Optimize your site:

After building an attractive and user-friendly website, how come the visitors know about your existence? The marketplace is highly saturated, and making a mark amid such competition is impossible without search engine optimization. Optimize your site to make your presence felt and acknowledged.

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2. Don’ts of Web Development:

Following the web development standards and rules won’t get you too far. You need to watch out for a few mistakes and avoid them at any cost. The don’ts of web development are discussed in the coming lines.

i) Don’t write bad codes:

Writing clean and valid codes should be the top priority of every web developer. Using code validators will prevent you from writing bad codes. It is a mistake web developers should avoid at any cost. You need to hire an expert web development company such as if you want to stay on the safer side.

ii) Don’t use large images:

Try not to utilize exorbitantly enormous pictures. You need your site to load as fast as could be expected, and enormous pictures back it off. You don’t have to use images that are few megabytes in size. Indeed, even 500KB can hinder an individual with a sluggish loading speed.

iii) Don’t make your users wait:

Most users repel from a slow-loading website, and you need to pay extra attention to it. Don’t load your site with heavy images and content. Pay attention to the website speed and improve it if necessary. A user generally clicks out of a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Seek experts’ help in your web development projects!

Web development is a dynamic field, and you cant do well without having professional partners on your side. With numerous factors to take care of, you need to watch out for each of your steps. Consider joining hands with expert companies to streamline the development process.

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