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Driving Range- A Place to Chase Perfection

Driving Range- A Place to Chase Perfection 

A driving range is an open big field where golfers practice to work on and enhance improvements on different golf shots in terms of better swings. There are different types of hitting shots for golfers or anyone who is interested in golfing practices, such as fares, draws, hooks, and slices.

A driving range is generally 300 yards long and is used both by beginners and professionals. Here are some details one needs to know before starting out and hitting those magnificent swings.

Why is it called so

The name of a driving range came from the ‘drives’ or the golf shots that a player works on. A drive is considered to be a long-distance shot to hit the ball down the fairway towards the green.

How does it work

A  driving range is the most important section for someone who is a newbie to improve on skills. One can hire a professional instructor for guidance or can start off on their own.

Driving ranges require golf balls with hardcovers that are different from the ones the professionals use on a golf course and hence sometimes do not comply with the rules of golf. Driving ranges generally have an administration building from where one can pick balls and golf clubs to practice.

However, one can start just by choosing a shady area to stand and tee off from at a range.

Reasons/Advantages of driving ranges

●     Development of muscle memory

Practicing at a driving range increases the ability of the body to develop muscle memory. The science of memory allows every repetitive movement of the body to be inscribed in the brain. Thus, every motion and twisting of the wrist brings more effective swings. This massively helps to improve the game.

●     Practice brings perfection

As the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect; going to the driving range religiously adds different dimensions to the game in terms of better understanding and movements. This is an excellent way to improve swings, stance, and follow-through. If needed, one can always opt for a trainer.

●     Ability to judge the distance of clubs

The more practice one does it intensifies the ability to judge the distance golf clubs can strike the ball. Generally, a eight or nine iron distance can send the ball on the fairway; however, with the understanding, one can better judge how and where to tweak and exactly what club to use to achieve the target.

●     Features and amenities

Sometimes the driving ranges have some of the amazing features which golf courses probably do not have such as night illumination that allows longer time for practice with the least constraints and excellent support infrastructure.

●     Low price

Golf courses are a lot more expensive than driving ranges and for a beginner as well as golfers who cannot afford them, these driving ranges have become handier.


Absolute attention to the details of movement, and understanding of the game while hitting a shot brings out the best in a player. Driving ranges offer all of these amenities at lower cost and more success while teeing off from the golf courses.

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