Easy Ways You Can Turn Vaping Products Into Success

How to promote your vape business or vape shop online? Many marketing strategies may help you promote your vape business and vaping products into success.

Some of the tactics and marketing strategies are described below, and you can follow these tricks to turn your vaping products into success.

Apply Organic Search Strategy.

If you want your online vaping store or e-commerce website to be successful, you should consider some keywords that might help target every audience. Some of the popular keywords in vaping industry are;

  1. E-cigs
  2. Electronic cigarettes
  3. Vapours
  4. Vaping
  5. E-juice/juice
  6. E-liquids/eliquids
  7. Vaporizers
  8. Electronic vaporizers
  9. vapers/vaper

Vaping groups and pages on Facebook

Don’t forget that you have a target audience by using every platform on social media.
If you have pages on Facebook post content on pages and groups that keep content fresh, informative and genuine. People are there for fun and getting content that is best for their hobbies and interest. Firstly you join Facebook groups as a vaper, not as a seller. Post comments on different vaping content and suggests to people your vaping products.
Keep your content fresh informative engage polls with people by announcing new products.
There are some groups of people who are B2B sellers and retailers who may contact you in this regard.

Join Reddit communities for vapers

You can join Reddit communities for vapers where they can freely exchange opinions with one another. You can discuss flavours of vaping devices, there is an active list of some subreddits where you can start your discussion.

  1. Vaping
  2. VapeTricks
  3. Electronic_cigarettes
  4. Vaping101
  5. VapePorn
  6. Vapours
  7. Vaping_Deals
  8. Vape_Sales

Vape magazines community

If you want to grow your vaping business, you should consider the vape magazines community. These magazines help you to prompt and advertise your vaping products. The list of some popular vape magazines is as follows.

  1. Vapun
  2. Vape Magazine
  3. Vaping Underground
  4. iVapeMagazine
  5. Vapouround
  6. Vapour Magazine

Give reviews on vape review sites

There are many websites that provide a platform for people to give their reviews on products, you can join those sites and give reviews about vaping products and in this way, you can also describe your vaping products and give good reviews of your vaping products.
Some of the vaping reviews

Youtube reviews about vape

If you want to target more audience Camera attracts many eyes of people. You can open your youtube channel and it will help you to advertise your vaping business. There is another method you can give samples to some customers who are interested and get feedback and reviews about your vaping products and vaping services.

Use quit smoking health discussion techniques

One of the smart ways to target your audience is to participate in quit smoking health discussions and suggest your vaping products on different platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Quora etc.
It may be helpful for those who want to quit smoking and they will definitely read your articles and suggestions carefully. You can use vape-related hashtags on Instagram to target your audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very good and effective source for marketing of vaping industry and this method is running from old times. You can ask your customers to subscribe to their emails for getting promos and discount offers.

Participate in Vape Expos

It will be a great opportunity to expand your business and showcase your vaping products. This will help you connect with the B2B sellers community and see what competition is going on in vaping products like Geek Bar vape, Elf Bar Vape, Puff Bar. The ticket price of Expos can be your investment in vaping marketing.
Some top vaping industries in Uk are conducting expos you can visit their website and check dates.

  1. The vaper Expo Uk (London, UK)
  2. Vape Jam UK (London, UK)
  3. UK Vaping Industry Association ( UKVIA)

Introduce appealing flavours to customers

To keep the impact on the audience that e-cigs are not as harmful. For this purpose you have to appeal to your customers, reducing this gap by introducing appealing flavours like cotton candy, vanilla cookies, whipped cream, chocolate etc.

Sponsoring Music Festivals and Events

There is another marketing and advertising method for the business that is big vaping businesses. They can invest their money in advertising billboards sponsoring Music festivals like Velo sound station, Coke Studio etc these are the examples that can be followed.
These are the all marketing strategies vaping businesses use to expand their businesses and can turn their vaping into success.