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Everything You Need to Understand About Fire Watch Procedures

Everything You Need to Understand About Fire Watch Procedures 

If you have a building, it is bound to have a fire alarm system that will protect it if there is a fire emergency. You will need to consult your local fire protection association to implement it and have a fire watch that would report things in case your system breaks down for any reason. When it comes to fire watch procedures, there is a clear system undertaken and required of it. If you are interested in knowing more about it, below are some things you should check out.

What is a fire watch?

The first thing that you should probably know about is what exactly a fire watch is. A fire watch is know to be a person or more than one person that is responsible for notifying the fire department along with the occupants of the building about any emergencies, preventing any fire from happening, extinguishing fires, and protecting the public and the people in the building from any dangers relate to fire. In a case where the fire control system has been impaired, they must make sure that everyone is going to be as safe as possible. This includes but is not limite to any damages in the sprinklers, in the smoke detector, and equipment failure. They are also those that make sure to watch out for anything that can trigger your systems, such as any standpipe system problems, water leakage, interruption in your water supply, water mist, and a whole lot more.

Basic requirements

According to the rule of the NFPA, a fire watch will be require if your fire alarm system has been unusable or impaired for more than four hours within a day. For alarm systems that are water-base it would be required if it has been more than ten hours since your system broke down. In any case, it is necessary to notify your fire department so that they are able to help you out.

Although a lot of people misunderstands that it needs to be four consecutive hours that is need to invoke a fire watch, the actual meaning is that if there has been an accumulation of 4 hours within a 24 hour time period, you will have to call a fire watch to come over. This means that you need them to patrol all over your building so that they are able to look for any possible problems and help you out with assisting evacuation if there is an emergency. A fire watch is require to stay in your building as long as the system has not been fixed yet.

Finding the best fire watch

While your fire alarm system is not something that breaks down on a daily basis, if it happens, you will have to learn more about it. Basically said, it is important to make sure that you are going to act quickly and find a fire watch for your building. As hard as you might think it is, you can find them by contacting your fire department. They know all the available Fire Watch Guards in town, and if you want to have the one that is nearest to you, they will be the one to help.

You can also search the internet to try and find the one that might fit your standard best. It is important to make sure that you are going to find the best fire watch that can help you out. They need to have undergone the proper training and have the right tools and proper training equipment with them that they should be wearing while watching your building.

Factors to consider in choosing your fire watch company

You will have to consider things when it comes to choosing the best fire watch company for you. This would include the training that they have already had, the equipment that they carry with them, how much it would cost you and such. You also need to consider if they have a license, how quickly they can get to your building, and their reputation. By just knowing these things, you should be able to find the right fire watch company that will help you out to deal with your broken fire alarm system.

What do they do?

As soon as the fire watch gets there and conducts the patrol of the building, how will you know if they are actually doing their job? You need to know what they do so that you would not have any problem in line with that. A fire watches diligently watches out for fires, prevents any possible ignition sources. ensures that there are no obstructions to fire exists, has a prepared way of contacting the fire department. makes sure that there would be no further problems when it comes to your system.

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