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Everything you should know about Magento | eCommerce platform

Everything you should know about Magento | eCommerce platform 

Magento, undoubtedly, is one of the most trending topics you will encounter in web development. However, despite being a popular trend, there are many confusions concerning Magento’s features, parameters, and benefits. As a result, not many people are aware of the potential of Magento and, as a result, lack getting the full advantage from it.

The Magento is a complete package that comes with immense benefits both for developers and merchants. The Magento e-commerce solutions are a big hit for benefitting the business in all possible ways.

We are here to take you through useful information about Magento, which benefits the web development process. So, are you ready? Let us begin from the start.

What is Magento?

The Magento is an open-source PHP framework that was introduced in the year 2007. Right from its inception, Magento became a huge hit and has developed continuously with many unique variants and products.

Right now, it is one of the significant open-source platforms which comes packed with several amazing features for designing an amazing and high-performing website for an eCommerce business.

Magento is free and ensures maximum flexibility with app development.

Sellers are given full access to the available hosting services.

Merchants prefer Magento development services over other big names like OpenCart, Shopify, etc., as:

Besides, these available Magento features cover all the B2B and B2C businesses requirements, including digital transportation.

Magento versions:

In the last 10-years, Magento has come up with its 2 versions majorly and are further divided into many other versions.

Magento 1 (previous version) ranging from Magento 1.0x to Magento 1.9x, and

Magento 2 (current version) ranging from Magento 2.0x to Magento 2.3.6

Every version released includes better and advanced features with innovative technologies to fix errors or bugs. Not only this, but each Magento version is further categorized into 2 editions, which are –

Community Edition – which is free of cost and contains basic yet effective features

 Enterprise edition – which is paid version containing advanced and dedicated features

Instead of being concerned about the price of the enterprise edition of Magento, you should focus on the value it adds to the whole development process. Many online businesses realize this and thus prefer to hire Magento developers to get the most out of the available Magento versions.

Features of Magento 2:

The rising popularity of Magento Development Company is mainly because of the varying, effective and advanced features offered by Magento 2. Thanks to its wide range of impressive features, Magento 2 has overshadowed its competitors like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.

Magento’s features include every possible aspect related to app development ranging from SEO, marketing, analysis, etc. Let us have a detailed look at the variety offered features by Magento 2:

1.       Marketing and conversion rate features:

Up-selling, cross-selling and group-related products

Displaying the availability of stocks

Managing multiple product images and product descriptions

Tracking the coupon usage and offering free shipping options

Offering promotional prices and flexible coupons

Customizing different categories according to different landing pages

2.       SEO features:

Working with search-engine-friendly URLs

Automatically generating the Google sitemap

Getting complete control over rewriting URLs

Creating the required metadata for products, categories, and different landing pages

3.       Site management features: 

You can enjoy the following Magento development services with these features:

Using a single admin panel to control and manage multiple eCommerce stores

Defining the required roles and permissions for conveniently accessing the administration panel

Integrating CMS for editing and creating pages and high-quality content

Supporting the smooth integration between Magento 2 and 3rd party apps

Enabling CAPTCHA to avoid fake logins

Customizing the varying site templates

Supporting the use of different currencies and languages

4.       Catalogue management features:        

Customizing the out-of-stock messages

Focusing on advanced pricing

Allowing personalized products in the stores

Defining the minimum and maximum product quantities

Extending the advance support for efficient management of inventories

Resizing the product images automatically according to their availability

Moderating the different product reviews

Adding unlimited attributes to the products

5.       Checkout and payment features:

Managing on-page and guest or registered user log in

Enabling SSL security support

Adding multiple shipping addresses for a single order

Saving the shopping cart and credit cards for offline shopping

Enabling different secure payment gateways

Offering on-site order tracking facility for the customers

Using Magento Connect to enable multiple payment options

6.       Order management features:       

Using admin panel for managing the orders right after their placement

Printing the packing slips, invoices, and other shipping labels

Managing different invoices, bills, credit memos, etc.

 Sending email notifications for the status of the orders

Updating the shopping carts, orders, etc. for the customers by the customer service team members

7.       Customer service and customer account features: 

Using default billing or shipping address

Managing multiple addresses in the address book

 Helping to create a sharable wish list for the customers

Creating a contact-us form and customer accounts rich with dedicated features

Managing the subscription of the newsletter

Viewing the submitted product reviews and product tags

Timely checking the order history, status of the current order, and details of the recently ordered items

8.       International support features:

Enabling the support of multiple languages and currencies

Configuring the list of different countries for billing details and shipping status

Enabling EU cookie notifications

Supporting the fixed product taxes

9.       Analytics and reporting features:

Enabling dedicated and unlimited support for Google analytics

Using admin panel to access multiple reports like stock reports, order reports, billing reports, sales reports, tax reports, coupon reports, best-selling product reports, etc.

10.    Mobile commerce features: 

Focusing on responsive and SEO-friendly mobile designs.

Optimizing the eCommerce site for multiple devices.

To ensure the maximum benefits and a dedicated outcome using these amazing Magento features, make sure to hire Magento developers with relevant experience.

Why should you choose Magento 2?

Lastly, to put all your doubts to rest, and let us discuss the top reasons to choose Magento development company because of it’s established names. These are some of the possible attractions to choose Magento:

Magneto is an open-source platform.

It offers different language support and can be accessed on multiple stores.

Magneto is rich with various advanced features.

It ensures high scalability to the developers.

The developers can enjoy dedicated SEO-friendly benefits.

It doesn’t compromise with the app development security needs.

It brings excellent mobile experience to app development.

With its multiple extensions, it promises excellent performance.

It provides an easy 3rd party integration facility.


With so many amazing features and uses, Magento 2 is all set to satisfy the varying needs of everyone – developers, customers, merchants, admins, etc. With Magento 2 – a future-ready platform for eCommerce websites, you can easily transform and modify your online business to boost sales and revenue.

Don’t wait any longer, and make the most of Magento 2 to enhance the performance and outlook of your business.

If you need any other information about Magento eCommerce solutions, then please reach us in the comments. We will surely provide you with the best assistance and relevant information concerning your doubts.

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