Eye Tests That Are Required before Laser Eye Surgery


Before you make that visit to your eye specialist for a laser eye surgery, there is a list of tests and scan that you will have to undergo. These tests and scans are meant to provide information about the health of your eye and vision, and also to be sure that you are a good candidate for laser eye surgery. The tests needed before laser eye surgery include the following:

Eye test required

Optics of the eye

This scan checks the quality of the image that your eye can produce after it has been corrected of any problem. Much like a high-quality lens camera, when it is focused on an image, the quality turns out perfectly. This is the same way this scan measures what is known as aberrations. It takes note of the quality of image the eyes produce.

Intraocular pressure

This tests checks for the presence of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease that is characterised by increased pressure in the eye and is caused when the fluid in the eye is not drained properly. The increased pressure can damage the optic nerve and vision. It is important to undergo this test before going for a laser eye surgery because it can often go undetected in its early stages.

Eye refraction

This test measures the degree of your prescription or eye problem. Depending on the kind of eye defect you suffer from, we will need to check how bad your short-sight is, how bad your astigmatism is or how bad your long-sight is. The measurement taken during this scan is done at least 6 times for each eye. Furthermore, your glasses prescription must be confirmed at least 15 times before you go for a laser eye surgery.

Corneal shape

The cornea is the outermost protective layer of the eye. It is clear and forms a dope shape surface, covering the eye surface. Studying the shape of the cornea is one of the tests you must undergo before a laser eye surgery. The test will include an examination of the inner and outer surfaces of the eye and overall thickness of the cornea. The aim of this test is to check for abnormalities, weaknesses or diseases in its structure.

Corneal composition

This test helps us to determine the strength of the cornea before the surgery. It shows us exactly when the treatment will be performed in the cornea, as well as map out the internal layers of the cornea. This scan is carried with a scanner that is similar to a cat scanner.

Eye lubrication

Tears are important to the eye cornea. They keep the eye moist, clear out foreign matter, help to heal wounds and prevent infection. Before you undergo a laser eye surgery, your eyes will be scanned for the quality and quantity of your tears. This helps to check if you will be at risk of having dry eyes or eyes drying out too quickly after surgery.

All these tests and scans explained above will help determine if you are a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery. Unless all the test come out with good results, you might be referred to another type of surgery. Want to find out more about laser eye surgery. Book a free consultation for laser eye surgery in London at Optimal Vision. They have qualified and experienced staff to help you get the most appropriate treatment for your eye defects.


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