The bond with our siblings is precious. We often hear about bonds between brothers and sisters. The relationship that we share with our siblings plays a pivotal role in shaping our lives.

Since our brothers have been our ride or die ever since our childhood, we like surprising him with gifts once in a while. It’s easy to feel perplexed when it comes to gifting him on a special occasion, such as Raksha Bandhan. The rakhi gift that we give our brother strengthens our relationship with him. So here are a few exceptional and unique Rakhi gifts for brother this season. 


Touch lamps

There was a romantic era when lovers exchanged letters and postcards. However, contemporary technology allows you and your partner to communicate anytime you miss each other without having to send a text! When you touch this touch-sensitive lamp, it will light up; the best thing is that the rest of the lamp set will light up at the same time. It will be a lovely approach to express your love and miss for your sweetheart, especially on her birthday. 

life book

Wouldn’t it be adorable if you put up a photo album of your girlfriend that tells her life storey? All of her memories are in one place, from the time she was born to her youth, college experiences, and the first time she met you, her first job. She will adore you for putting forth so much work and time. 

Give A Place

Imagine bringing your girlfriend out to one of the city’s best restaurants for her birthday and declaring it hers. No, you don’t need to be wealthy to do so; all you need is intelligence. People on the internet will make sure that the location is registered in your or your girlfriend’s name, and it will remain hers until the end. The only catch is that there is a ‘first come, first served’ clause, which means that if no one has registered before you, you can own any location (on Google Maps!) under your name. So, what do you have to lose? 

Personalized Themed Batman Nameplate

If your bro is all about style, get him a personalized nameplate that’ll greet his guests and they will surely praise his cool design sense. It’s not just an ordinary nameplate but can be customized with any name. The minimal design with the Batarangs and the oval shape gives off a really unique vibe.

Astronaut USB Night Light

Is your brother a night owl? Or does he usually burn the midnight oil? Get him this amazing night light, it might be miniature-sized – but the astronaut can light up the darkest of spaces with its soft yet bright, white light.

Put Beer Here Laser Cut Wooden Coasters

If your brother loves hosting people for the weekend, give him these wooden coasters so he can keep those tables squeaky clean. The dark wood colours make them easy to fit into any kind of decor and they can easily hold beer mugs, wine glasses, etc. 

Bella Ciao Rakhi Gift Set

Presenting a gift perfect for the trying times. If your brother can’t stop quoting the show, this is the perfect gift. A combination of his favourite show, a themed rakhi online and the Dali mask – what more can he ask for?

Vintage Superhero Posters

Are the walls of your brother’s room a bit bare? Help him spruce up his space with unique posters like this one, perfect for somebody who loves every superhero/villain equally.

Avengers Wooden Cufflinks

For the brother who loves to look on fleek when he shows up to a formal event, we present these wooden cufflinks. It will add that dash of quirkiness to his simple outfit.

Superhero Apron

Do you believe that your brother can be the next Masterchef? Are you confident in his weird experimental dishes that somehow taste like heaven? Give him a confidence boost with the Superhero Apron. Tell him he is the hero that rules the city known as – the kitchen.