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Fragrance Maker Dares to Sniff ‘What Life Really Smells Like

Fragrance Maker Dares to Sniff ‘What Life Really Smells Like 

Ernesto Collado, an evangelist who turned from an actor into a perfume maker claims that to manifest a new fragrance requires a strong nose and this pandemic introduced masks that depleted human beings from their scene of smell.

He also claimed that there was a high chance of existential disaster. And that when this pandemic finally leaves, there will be high chances that we human beings will be deprived of this sense of smell.

Furthermore, he explained that emotions are directly proportional to the scent we smell. What we smell is what we feel. The scene of smell is one of the strongest senses among the five scenes bestowed upon human beings. A single molecule of perfume determines its essence. Mr. Collado also claims that a single breeze from the cliff carries millions of fragrance molecules.

Adding “putting on a perfume or any scent before getting into bed increases the level of intimacy” in this little class of his that he had with a few people sitting on a hill he claimed” that no matter what the headnotes in the perfumes are it lavender, jasmine or sandalwood once you have put on the perfume the scent that lingers on to our body that is whiffed by everyone close to us is actually the middle notes.

He prompted “this is our fetish and misconception with the general information regarding perfumes, that lead us to think that the headnotes are the ones people will smell on”.

While explaining this formula he grabbed a nearby branch from the tree and crushed the dry leaves of the branch in his hands that took a whiff of his hands. And explained to the crowd that what I have manifested here is almost a perfume now this is how I am going to smell.

Nature Of Perfume

The nature of perfume works as simple as that. Mr. Collado told that he grew up listening to the tales of fragrance and scents from his grandfather, José Collado Herrero, who formulated and synthesized a few of Spain’s best-selling perfumes in the twentieth century.

But Mr. Collado first made his appearance as a TV star on Spanish television, and he made his debut as a director. The turning point in his life was when he started suffering from a condition that is phantosmia also called hallucinations. He misplaced his ability to smell anything apart from his ability to smell a few things. 

Cala, a perfume manufactured by Mr. Collado this he made himself by mixing up different scents. He explained how being a fragrance maker has become his passion. He said that when you create your own fragrance it hits you here.

As you think about Mr. Collado’s words and comprehend them with perfumes in Pakistan, they have become an integral part of our lives. We all should keep in our minds that there is no such thing as cheap perfume. When you invest in a bottle of perfume remember that perfumes are expensive. Perfume price in Pakistan should not catch you off guard. Our market is now flooded with different kinds of fragrances such as body spray, hair mist, face mist, beard mist, etc.

Nature Of Ingredients

Nature has all the ingredients to make the perfect fragrance and that’s what the fragrance maker Ernesto Collado has done. The article above discussed, how in the midst of a pandemic the human race has a threat of losing their ability to smell. In this sermon of his, he added that nowadays this generation is entirely obsessed with the word “neutral”.

Neutral in every race of life just like the perfumes themselves and that validation of it can be seen in today’s time. When there are so many countless unisex sex perfumes present in the market.

Bravanariz, the name of Mr. Collado’s company interprets as “brave nose” in Spanish.  He claims that the inspiration of his perfumes comes entirely from nature hence he uses everything unique and earthly in his perfumes to make them smell more delicious.


No wonder he is being called the evangelist of nose his obsession with fragrances started long ago he used to smell plants around his house and used to miss different scents to make his own unique fragrance. Well, some people are born to ace a few things and the evangelist is a notable verdict of it. When he lost his sense of smell, he tried working on it until he got it back one day.

He said that just like stroke patience gains his ability to speak in a matter of time by sheer headwork. So was the case with his smell for two to four weeks there was none and then suddenly. It started getting to his brain. He started smelling plants and mixing all the scents came out as the revelation of his own fragrance.

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