Galaxy Rose: A New Kind of Best Flower Roses Forever

Galaxy Rose

What is a Galaxy Rose?

A Galaxy Rose is a beautifully-made floral design made with thin pieces of iridescent rose petals and thin green leaves. They’re both durable and easy to maintain. Handcrafted by distinguished artisans, the Galaxy Rose is the best gift for special occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. It’s a unique and memorable gift that will be loved by all.

Are Galaxy Roses Real Roses?

These are handcraft, one-of-a-kind Polyethylene roses. We coat them in 24 karat gold foil and then add a holographic coating for just the right amount of glam.

Are Galaxy Roses Plastic?

It is the plastic that is making the petals on the flower display different colors with different lights or angles and makes stem and love shaped base look like golden color.

What Are Galaxy Flowers Made of?

What is a Galaxy Flower? The botanical name of Galaxy Flower is Petunia Night Sky and yes, it’s of the species Petunia. This interesting flower was create by an Italian plant breeder, who has hybridized two different cultivars.

This romantic gift of an Enchanted Galaxy Rose will have your loved one swooning again.

The Enchanted Rose glass dome will never fade, just like the love. It is a special way of extending your love every day.

Handmade with love, using a mixture of 20 LED fairy lights encased by a glass dome. The wooden base has been beautifully carving to ensure it captures the warmth of the ambient light. Makes birthdays and anniversaries special.

The wondrous glow of this iridescent rose makes it the perfect gift. The soft fairy lights that surround it will take its beauty to another level. Let your partner know you care with the Galaxy Enchanted Rose, a true symbol of love in a world where it can feel so easy to become disconnected.

Surprise your partner with a magical gift and they’ll remember you for all eternity.

Forever Galaxy Rose

Make your partner feel loved with this Galaxy Rose. It comes beautifully packaged & ready to go! This stunning ornament is lovingly crafted and designed to last a lifetime. Our Galaxy Rose is the perfect gift for any occasion. It’s beautifully designe and created to last for eternity which makes it the perfect birthday or anniversary gift. You’ll be able to pass it on as a family heirloom because of its quality and will be appreciated by anyone who receives it

The 24K CREATIVE GALAXY ROSE offers a colorful design that is as attractive as it is.

A beautiful starry sky, the Milky Way Rose, wow! The romance is blossoming. No other gift can compare with its powerful charm. Galaxy rose will be delivered on Feb 14, 2022. Now you can give your loved ones a gift that they will never forget. Handmade and delicate, the roses we create are both individual and beautiful. Place your order now for free home delivery by Christmas!

Beautiful packaging box included- perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation Day, Anniversaries, and more.

24K Gold Leaf Flower 2022 LED Magical Galaxy Rose

The sky is so beautiful and romantic, the milky way rose, let your love know you’re thinking of them. Book your Galaxy Rose now before it’s too late because there are only limited time slots available. Not to mention, you can book right now and get many gifts with it! Each rose is hand-made and delicate. This makes each of our bouquets unique, so no other bouquet can match! Pre-order now for free on-site delivery.

Led lights have been very popular in recent years and this is a lovely example of the kind. The glass screen adds a nice romantic effect whilst allowing a level of creativity with its’ utility. It’s perfect for any variety of social occasions from parties to weddings. It is powered by AAA batteries (not included) and the LED strip is really bright & warm white lighting. It is made of high, flexible, waterproof copper wire for daily use. The LED light string is made of thin, soft copper wire which can be shaped


The sky was beautiful and the Milky Way rose for the one I love. No other gift can compare! The charming Galaxy Rose is the first gift for Valentine’s Day 2022. Each rose is unique.


100% brand new and high quality. With the gift-giving world coming up, flowers always make great gifts. Why not arrange an eye-catching bouquet for your loved one? Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas – we have the perfect arrangement to send their way. 99% gold leaf, 24K gold-plated polyethylene pedicel. Gift packaging is safe and good. This is actually a perfect gift to express your love and gratitude. This best suits moms and wives, but also makes a great anniversary, birthday, or Christmas present. You can get this for mom, wife, or girlfriend. It’s the perfect wedding gift too.


Remarkable sky, Milky Way rose, the beginning of a romance, for the one you love the most. No other gift can compare! Special offer: Galaxy Rose is back for Valentine’s Day 2022 – Be quick to get yours. One pair of custom-made lace pants, for ladies and gents, is available in many different colors!


You can customize artificial flowers in a number of ways, from the type of flower to the style and occasion it’s meant for. The Amplifier series from Casa Mento is made from glass and fits beautifully with Valentine’s Day, or any time you want a romantic ambiance in your home.

Allergic to flowers or roses? Our Galaxy Rose will not cause your allergies because it has been strip off its living cells during production, so it’s safe.

Environmental protection: We are commit to protecting the environment in every way possible. Our plant and production process is 100% hygienic, not to mention our all-natural ingredients. Every step of our method of making and preserving Galaxy Rose uses ecological technology to ensure no waste and a healthy lifestyle for the planet.

The Galaxy Roses are 100% recyclable and this helps to protect the environment too. When your roses come to the end of their life cycle, you can order them back by mail.